Dec 09, 2021

Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior By {author, Bad Behavior Best Download || [Jennifer Lane] Bad Behavior Best Download || [Jennifer Lane] - Bad Behavior, Bad Behavior Grant Madsen s got issues He s still battling his Mafia family and doing everything possible to keep his loved ones safe With the cruising season coming to an end he has to find another job soon or h

  • Title: Bad Behavior
  • Author: Jennifer Lane
  • ISBN: 9781936305650
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

Bad Behavior Best Download || [Jennifer Lane], Bad Behavior, Jennifer Lane, Bad Behavior Grant Madsen s got issues He s still battling his Mafia family and doing everything possible to keep his loved ones safe With the cruising season coming to an end he has to find another job soon or he ll rejoin his father in prison And he s trying to convince his rebellious teenage nephew to stay away from their criminal relatives you can imagine how that s going BuGrant Madsen s got

Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior Best Download || [Jennifer Lane] Bad Behavior Best Download || [Jennifer Lane] - Bad Behavior, Bad Behavior Grant Madsen s got issues He s still battling his Mafia family and doing everything possible to keep his loved ones safe With the cruising season coming to an end he has to find another job soon or h Bad Behavior

  • Bad Behavior Best Download || [Jennifer Lane]
    223Jennifer Lane
Bad Behavior

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  1. UPDATE I love this series I m sorry, that s all I can say for lack of better words I just love this series I have come back and given it five stars because I have not been able to stop thinking about it Any book series that can do that to me deserves all the gold

  2. This sequel to Good Behavior was amazing This book takes the reader on the journey of two people Sexy McSailor Grant and his Bonnie Lass who gets to ride the McSailor Ship Sophie ended in the first book They start off two people who have gone through so much and who are in love with each other but this book takes it that much farther You get to examine, feel and experience what are the sum of the parts of these two people whose marks of the past taint their present and can destory their future T [...]

  3. This sequel does NOT disappoint Bad Behavior takes off right where With Good Behavior ended Grant and Sophie are sharing an apartment and Sophie s big mouth has landed them in couple s counseling as a condition of their parole It s the aftermath of the dramatic climax of With Good Behavior and Grant and Sophie still have a lot to learn about each other and themselves We get to know them a little deeper by being a fly on the wall during their therapy sessions their strengths and weaknesses Two es [...]

  4. I have loved this book so much I am almost speechless, and I had to take a break to collect my thoughts about it before doing a review It has so much excellent psychology in it, that it was a complete delight to read I have been riveted and intrigued about the characters journey from the fist page and the conclusion was great.I have read countless case studies books from prominent psychotherapists, and this is often a favourite way of expanding my understanding of a particular psychotherapeutic [...]

  5. In this sequel to With Good Behavior, Jennifer Lane takes us on an emotional journey of discovery and strength with her two main characters that left me wanting She proved once again why I love her writing.Picking up where WGB left off, Sophie and Grant continue their routines of going to work and parole meetings, only now they have to add couples counseling into the mix This won t be an easy task for either of them, especially since they are still learning about each other.Our favorite parolee [...]

  6. It s official I LOVE THIS SERIES And the sequel is even better I loved so many things about this series particularly the characters Aside from our Bonnie and McSailor p, I love Rog, Joe, Jerry and Benny They re hilarious And I love Hunter But the one thing I love the MOST about this series is that the author nailed ALL the psychological stuff Which of course doesn t surprise me because Jennifer Lane is also a psychologist The entire time I was reading this book, I can t remember how many times I [...]

  7. I m simply having the best time reading Jennifer Lane s Conduct Series My reading time is so limited and for me to commit to an entire series, it has got to be a great read.I loved the first book in this series, With Good Behavior The two main characters, Sophie Taylor a psychologist and Grant Madsen a Navy man , are both paroled from prison They re two good people who should have never been in prison, but for two very different reasons, both courtesy of the Barbieri crime family Grant s family [...]

  8. At last A romance that continues AFTER the couple falls in love Placing value on a HEALTHY relationship, no less So many heroines these days completely lose themselves when they meet their other half want to die if they part as if that were romantic.I didn t realize how much I missed Grant, Sophie and the eclectic bunch of side characters until I delved into book number 2 of this series Bad Behavior picks up where With Good Behavior left off and takes the reader on a journey adventure of its own [...]

  9. Sophie and Grant are the perfectly imperfect couple Or is it imperfectly perfect Either way, they are captivating together They both come into the relationship slightly damaged and with lots of baggage As they work through their issues in couple therapy, we see their vulnerabilities and their strengths.I loved the tidbits of psychology sprinkled throughout There are scenes here that many people, single and married, will be able to relate to on various levels While the heart of this story is roma [...]

  10. I can t wait for this to be released Just one week DI bought it as soon as it came out and devoured it quickly.

  11. Read this review at Smash Attack Reads smashattackreads 2011 Smashtastic Synopsis Grant and Sophie are back In the second installment in The CONduct series by Jennifer Lane, Grant and Sophie face new perils as they fight to keep their love alive Grant continues to battle his mafia family and inner demons, all the while fighting to stay out of prison The end of cruise season is upon him, and if he doesn t find a new job soon, it s back to the slammer for him Slammer Papa Barberi No good All of th [...]

  12. My book journey takes me to Chicago again for of my favorite ex cons, Grant and Sophie While the first book showed where the romance began for these two, Bad Behavior centers on our lovable couple working on their issues Through couples counseling, the emotions fly high as old scars resurface It s a good thing that their psychologist is so patient and caring I gotta love Dr Hunter Hayes as he helps them tackle their demons head on Grant, especially, had a huge mountain to climb, since being the [...]

  13. This was the perfect follow up to a fantastic first book I loved the idea of getting to see what happens after the happily ever after Plus, we get to see two adults in a mostly healthy relationship trying to figure it all out I can t say enough about this book All the things I loved about the first one are true about this one as well I loved that the reader gets to see how the relationships with each of the main character s families develop I loved watching Sophie s dad slowly grow fond of Grant [...]

  14. I don t know how Jennifer Lane got all that story line into this book I ll never understand, but she did it I really like that we get to see into Sophie and Grant s therapy appointments like we get to see their parole appointments too Not to mention how far Grant and Sophie both come in this book, it s amazing, and it doesn t seem contrived just to get the book moving I can t wait to see what happens in book 3

  15. Back again with Sophie and Grant They continue the series with a surprising, wonderful tale Your summer reading list should include this book series It is fantastic Jennifer Lane gives you a gripping, suspenseful love story in the unlikeliest of circumstances Treat yourself to Jennifer s whole collection.

  16. Bad Behavior makes us desire a healthy relationship It s a story that grabs you and doesn t let you go It makes you crave So I m happy On Best Behavior is coming soon Jen, I learned a lot 3

  17. Great 2nd book in this series I just love the secondary characters, they add so much to the story line Grant swoon More review to come

  18. Bad Behavior by Jennifer Lane Book 2 CONduct Series Source AuthorRating 4 5 starsBad Behavior, book two in Jennifer Lane s CONduct series picks up just where book one, With Good Behavior ended YAY Grant and Sophie are still a very new couple and thanks to their parole officer, Jerry Stone still love him the two are now attending couple s therapy and their therapist, Hunter love him too has a crush on Grant What could possibly go wrong there, right For Grant, therapy is just one stress in his al [...]

  19. SPOILER ALERT Bad Behavior picks up where With Good Behavior ends Sophie and Grant have to go to couples therapy mandated by their PO Jerry Stone Sophie is all for it since she s been going to therapy, but Grant not so much, especially with what happened to him when he was a kid I definitely shed some tears reading about Grant s childhood, the stories he told Hunter and the flashbacks he experienced The worst for me was the beating with the belt that made him bled In that story you find out how [...]

  20. Jennifer Lane s BAD BEHAVIOR picks up right where On Good Behavior left off If you haven t read ON GOOD BEHAVIOR it is necessary to do so in order to understand why Sophie and Grant are in the position they are in.After Logan s death and Carlo s attack on Sophie and her friend, both Grant and Sophie attempt to leave the past behind Both begin to attend regular sessions with Sophie s psychologist, Dr Hunter and with Hunter s help they begin to overcome their own personal demons While things begin [...]

  21. This second book in the series picks up right where the first one leaves off Hint must read first book before this one so stop now if you haven t Bad Behavior was every bit as wonderful as the first book, but it did have a different feel to it It elicited a bigger emotional response from me because of the way the plot was developed, but because it was a sequel it did not jab me with the sharper responses of first discovery like what you get when introduced to things in the second book Now that i [...]

  22. The second book in the CONduct series picks up shortly after the first Sophie is still recovering from cousin Carlo s attack while preparing to start her teaching position at DePaul Grant, still reeling from the torment his family put Sophie through, dealing with the death of his brother and the prospect of finding a new job, really doesn t want to participate in the couple s therapy sessions their PO has assigned But therapy is what Sophie and Grant embark on with Dr Hunter Hayes Hunter was wor [...]

  23. 3.5 Stars Sometimes I feel like a normal person Sometimes I forget I m on parole, that I m not really free Thank you to Jennifer Lane for providing me with an ecopy for review In Bad Behavior, Grant and Sophie still have a lot to work through as they learn to deal with the loss of Logan and the constant threat of the Barbari family When they are ordered to attend couples counseling, the two set out on a journey of sharing their past with each other Unknown secrets and horrific past events come t [...]

  24. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I WAS HOLDING OFF ON READING THIS WHY WOULD I EVEN DO THAT WHAT S WRONG WITH ME EVERYBODY, YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES NOW.I M SCREAAAAAMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGAnd actually I ve been fangirling for over ten minutes now and I still can t stop smiling.This Book Is Filled With Love omygoshygoshygoshygosh Okay, I love everyone Actually, I love the whole thing I love everything I ve thought of a few reasons w [...]

  25. I have a tendency to approach subsequent books in a series with a hint of trepidation, wondering whether or not the author still has sufficient story to tell I was pleased to discover that Bad Behavior has a great depth of story to tell.What sets The Conduct series apart from so many novels, for me, is that I feel as though I truly know and understand each of the characters probably better than I understand the people around me Jennifer Lane has an uncanny ability to provide readers with tremend [...]

  26. Bad Behavior is the second book in The Conduct Series If you haven t read the first book, With Good Behavior, I suggest you do so now, and DO NOT KEEP READING THIS REVIEW The love story of parolees Grant Madsen and Sophie Taylor continues in Bad Behavior This time they are mandated to attend counseling together With their baggage from the past, they have a lot to deal with Not to mention the baggage that Ashley dumps on their doorstep in the middle of the night P Jennifer Lane s experience as a [...]

  27. 3.5Bad Behavior is a prime example of why I dislike taking review requests Not because Bad Behavior is bad it s not, not at all but because I drag my feet when it comes time to read and review Sorry, Jennifer And I m sure that the only reason I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first is because it was a review request Because review requests obligations not as fun So it goes.If you thought Sophie s and Grant s adventures were over and done with after With Good Behavior, you were wrong Though [...]

  28. For a breath of fresh air, try Bad Behavior If you re tired of reading about journalists girls working in the publishing industry and cliches about really rich love interests, Bad Behavior provides just this Unlike the superhuman leads of recent times, our hero is not rich with ten thousand abilities he s macho but cried in the first few chapters so human, so sexy It s about a former pyschologist who has just been released from prison on parole and a Mafia s son who had also just been released f [...]

  29. I love this series by Jennifer Lane This second book in the series delves into the lives of Grant and Sophie, the main characters They are still on parole and dealing with Grant s mafia family.My favorite part of this novel was therapy with Hunter Hunter is honest in dealing with his feelings of attraction to Grant It is clear that the author is a psychologist as she delves into issues like disassociation and leading with your feelings Being a psychology major myself, it was really interesting [...]

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