Dec 09, 2021

Brooklyn, Burning

Brooklyn, Burning By {author, [PDF] Brooklyn, Burning | by È Steve Brezenoff [PDF] Brooklyn, Burning | by È Steve Brezenoff - Brooklyn, Burning, Brooklyn Burning When you re sixteen and no one understands who you are sometimes the only choice left is to run If you re lucky you find a place that accepts you no questions asked And if you re really lucky that

  • Title: Brooklyn, Burning
  • Author: Steve Brezenoff
  • ISBN: 9780761375265
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Brooklyn, Burning | by È Steve Brezenoff, Brooklyn, Burning, Steve Brezenoff, Brooklyn Burning When you re sixteen and no one understands who you are sometimes the only choice left is to run If you re lucky you find a place that accepts you no questions asked And if you re really lucky that place has a drum set a place to practice and a place to sleep For Kid the streets of Greenpoint Brooklyn are that place Over the course of two scorching summers KidWhen you re

Brooklyn, Burning

[PDF] Brooklyn, Burning | by È Steve Brezenoff [PDF] Brooklyn, Burning | by È Steve Brezenoff - Brooklyn, Burning, Brooklyn Burning When you re sixteen and no one understands who you are sometimes the only choice left is to run If you re lucky you find a place that accepts you no questions asked And if you re really lucky that Brooklyn, Burning

  • [PDF] Brooklyn, Burning | by È Steve Brezenoff
    362Steve Brezenoff
Brooklyn, Burning

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  1. There is a certain rough beauty which can be found in urban environments Anyone who has stood on a rooftop at sundown or noticed a patch of wildflowers poking out of a concrete sidewalk will appreciate the strange duality of natural and manmade aesthetics, as well as the occasional difficulty of finding security and happiness in such surroundings.For Kid, who has been living on the streets for over a year, the city of Brooklyn offers both strength and sadness and love and loss Kid s parents can [...]

  2. 4.5 stars Minor spoilers ahead If we only look at the surface, it s pretty clear that Brooklyn, Burning is about gender identity and sexual orientation issues But looking at the surface is not nearly enough By concentrating too much on things like gender identity, we fail to see what s underneath, and we miss everything that s beautiful Now, I know that sounds like a terrible clich , but it s a lesson that can t be repeated enough This book, much like its main character, refuses to be categorize [...]

  3. Good writing and a story that didn t really affect me A homeless teen narrator whose gender and sexuality are never defined, kicked out of home for being undecided certainly a very interesting perspective from which to write a teen novel The message is clear labels mean nothing, only love matters.I wanted to like Brooklyn, Burning But it is hard to like a book which has romance at its core but whose characters you have no connection with Kid and Scout never came alive for me, they remained only [...]

  4. This book came as quite a little surprise I recently finished The Absolute Value of 1, which was gorgeous but also full of difficult characters and had a heartbreaking ending So, I really did not expect this book to have a a sweet love story orb a joyously happy ending.Let s review what I thought this book was about homeless teenage runaways, intolerant parents, and gender identity You can see why I did not think this book was going to be a happy one But guess what This is a lovely, happy, beaut [...]

  5. I squeezed your hand and looked at your face It was lit up, not from the rising sun, but from within, and I knew mine must have been too High points.Questions the restrictions and preconceptions of gender Brooklyn Music Love with no limits Sunsets No inhibitions The dark side of growing up The complex relationship between kids and parents who could never refuse to understand Summer Basements Sex Dealing with loss Looking to the future Happy ending thank god.Low Points.When I love a book, I alway [...]

  6. Brooklyn, Burning was quite a surprise for me I think I expected something hard edged and bitter, the way I imagine the streets of Brooklyn might be What I got was something altogether different.Brooklyn, Burning is the story of Kid as in Billy, the , a teenager living on the streets of Brooklyn Kid is an unlabeled entity we re never gives any indication of either Kid s gender or sexual orientation, simply because Kid doesn t know the answer to either question I found myself trying to read betwe [...]

  7. 4.5Surface it s about kids who are unsatisfied and feel unaccepted they re lost and maybe confused about who they are and what they want Closer and you don t really have to look that close with Kid telling the story, you get one that s just of People of being found, then lost, then found again There s plenty appealing in this It s real With a narrator like Kid, I could feel his anger, sadness I could feel as he did He doesn t sugar coat What he did, where he lived and those he knew all lived not [...]

  8. I ve been thinking about this for awhile What can I say that will do this book justice and won t sound like a bunch of gushing Truth All I can do is rave about it This isn t a boy meets girl story Or a boy meets boy Or a girl meets girl Or maybe it is That s the beauty of it This story is about two teenagers in a bad situation who fall in love It s about two human beings connecting through music and shared experiences And it s done beautifully All of the characters are REAL and nuanced, but Kid [...]

  9. Fast read and the writing is really beautiful Parts of it are written in a 2nd person pov and while I normally don t like that, I loved it in this This book deals with important subjects but sadly in a very quick way and the warehouse plot didn t really pull me in I liked it and I do recommend it, but I did hope that it would be a five star read so it was a bit disappointing EDIT I ve changed from a 3 star to a 4 star rating what feels like a gazillion times now, but I m settling on 4 The I thi [...]

  10. What a good, queer book about music, love, grief, and homelessness Such a unique format toos drugs, addiction, familial abuse

  11. When I started reading Brooklyn, Burning I was really excited for it, because of the wonderful reviews it has received but at the same time I tried to keep my expectations low With hype you always have to expect something not to live up to it.Brooklyn, Burning didn t live up to my expectations It is not a bad book The writing is alright and I can appreciate how the Brezenoff never slipped in not revealing the gender of the main character At the same time I found not knowing very frustrating and [...]

  12. 3.5 stars I am really stuck between 3 and 4 stars on this one Overall I really enjoyed it and think it is most definitely worth the read My only hesitancy issue is with the overall character development I feel like I merely got a glimpse of Kid s world when I wanted an entire view In defense of the author this is most likely a defect on my part as I am not usually one of those readers who can be thrown into a time and place and just go with it A lot of other readers are good with this type of si [...]


  14. A soulful ballad to young love, lost queer lives, musical awakening, and Brooklyn This is a classic work that reveals, subtly at first, then all at once, how gentrification and its attendant forces exploitation, exclusion, eviction impact the lives of immigrants and the homeless.

  15. Also found here theninjareader.tumblr postIt s summer again, which means a lot of things for Kid In the last year he was kicked out of home, lost a loved one and had his roof burn down both literally and figuratively He s hounded by the police, and isn t too thrilled when he discovers he s falling in love again, with a guitarist who answers a long forgotten add That s not really what this book is about, though It s just what I could sum up in two sentences.Much like its narrator, Kid, Brooklyn, [...]

  16. My true rating for this book is 3.5 stars It falls short of 4 because I feel as though the story is written with a building momentum that is never fulfilled I kept waiting for something, what I m not sure, but whatever it was, it never came Or maybe it was the transient nature of the gender neutral no last name characters that didn t fully ground me Now that I m finished, I don t feel sated However, it tasted good as I went through each chapter While the transient nature of the characters was a [...]

  17. I feel so ashamed When I got this book I was like, Wow, this guy is a genius The whole idea of not knowing the gender of the main characters will be sooo cool But, then I started reading it and realized that I was so upset I couldn t get into the book because I DIDN T KNOW THE GENDER So upsetting to find that out about myself But, on the bright side, I did read enough that I can tell you that the writing is phenomenal Steve Brezenoff s writing is so detailed, especially for a book where you coul [...]

  18. Catcher in the Rye packed, I felt so many times as if I was going to lose my very apartment as I felt I was inside the body of Kid as he wondered from place to place trying to find a place to sleep each night Steve Brezenoff is able to bring the wandering and restlessness of Kid outside of each page into the inner core of your very being if you let it Was it ironic that Alicia Keys New York youtube watch v 6PHOeX came on the radio a few minutes after I finished The memories of the streets I have [...]

  19. I cried when I finished reading Brooklyn, Burning by Steve Brezenoff While I m generally a crybaby, I wouldn t need to use my toes to count how many times a novel has made me cry.But there I was, snuggled into bed turning the last page of this brilliant, profound young adult novel my face wet They weren t tears of sadness or regret, it was joy and happiness.My joy, at first, was for the tender love story between Kid and Scout, two sixteen year old runaways who spend the summer in Greenpoint, Bro [...]

  20. You would think that this book wouldn t work for me It s a love story, but it s told in 2nd person POV and you never know the gender of either the protagonist or the love interest And yet it was really beautiful I think the issue of Kid s homelessness was glossed over a bit in terms of how difficult that reality would be, but I still appreciated that the author was trying to bring attention to the disproportionate amount of LGBTQ homeless youth out there It s said by Kid s father that Kid can t [...]

  21. It s closer to a 1.5 I ll get this out of the way first I think it s lazy, and dare I say gimmicky, to use the genderless card without developing any of the struggles It just feels like you want a hey, look at me card but outside of one line by Kid s dad, that s just kind of glossed over I know straight love stories get treated normally, so LGBT love stories should be treated the same, but if you re writing about LGBT homeless youth, then that doesn t really sit well with me I didn t like the se [...]

  22. I have it on good authority that this is an excellent book Friends, authors, reviewers that I trust and often than not agree with have all said so And I know I wasn t in the best mental space as I read this one So if I was less than impressed, I tend to believe the fault lies in me as a reader and not the book I don t trust my own opinion on this one I could see it was a good book, after all, I just never felt emotionally engaged by it, didn t empathize with the characters or feel what the book [...]

  23. This is really goodtight plot, interesting weaving of the present and the past, and very strong writing The reality of these kids situation is never sugar coated, but it s a good read for someone kind of wimpy and squeamish like me It is gritty in its subject matter, but lyrical in the writing, so quite beautiful Highly recommended.

  24. I would actually give it a 4.5 but that might be because I m too emotional about all this ya love stuff right now.I also loved the fact that 99% of the characters seemed bi to me.

  25. I liked the story and the writing, although the characters felt flat to me Brezenoff can spend pages describing Kid s way through Brooklyn, with street names and shops and landmarks, but we don t know who Kid is really.It feels like Brezenoff knows and loves Brooklyn much than he knows and loves his own characters.I like the first person POV narrating to a second person whose pronoun is always you the author used this as a way to avoid defining Kid s and Scout s genders, and I m all for this ty [...]

  26. dnf after like 1h 10 bc its just too tedious for me idk if thats bc of the narrator so irritating or bc of the story itself purple prose central maybe itd have been better with either a different narrator or if id been reading it also i know he wrote the whole no defined gender thing for kid and scout but like the narrator had their own opinion clearly

  27. tw suicide, queermisia, classism, police, parental neglect, drugs alcoholthis was a nice book very soft musicythe only explicitly black character is described as a lion tho, and there s a bit where a character slaps the mc s butt in a friendly sort of way i m not sure is okay, that s about it

  28. LGBT YA often leaves out those who are non binary or genderqueer so it was nice to read a young adult story with a character who isn t gendered either in reference to themselves or by others in the book Also, it s just a darn good book 10 10 would recommend.

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