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Chu Ju's House

Chu Ju's House By {author, ¾ Chu Ju's House ↠ Gloria Whelan ¾ Chu Ju's House ↠ Gloria Whelan - Chu Ju's House, Chu Ju s House In order to save her baby sister fourteen year old Chu Ju leaves her rural home in modern China and earns food and shelter by working on a sampan tending silk worms and planting rice seedlings whi

  • Title: Chu Ju's House
  • Author: Gloria Whelan
  • ISBN: 9780060507244
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover

¾ Chu Ju's House ↠ Gloria Whelan, Chu Ju's House, Gloria Whelan, Chu Ju s House In order to save her baby sister fourteen year old Chu Ju leaves her rural home in modern China and earns food and shelter by working on a sampan tending silk worms and planting rice seedlings while wondering if she will ever see her family again

Chu Ju's House

¾ Chu Ju's House ↠ Gloria Whelan ¾ Chu Ju's House ↠ Gloria Whelan - Chu Ju's House, Chu Ju s House In order to save her baby sister fourteen year old Chu Ju leaves her rural home in modern China and earns food and shelter by working on a sampan tending silk worms and planting rice seedlings whi Chu Ju's House

  • ¾ Chu Ju's House ↠ Gloria Whelan
    301Gloria Whelan
Chu Ju's House

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  1. Families in China are only allowed to have two children, and most families want to have at least one son to take care of the family once he grows up Chu Ju is the eldest daughter, and when a sister is born, her Nai Nai grandmother insists the baby has to go to the orphanage, and the parents must try again and hope for a boy Chu Ju can t bear to think of her baby sister being sold, so she chooses to be the one to go Chu Ju runs from place to place, unable to find somewhere to stay longer than a y [...]

  2. EXTRAChu Ju is a 14 year old born during Chairman Mao s reign in China She runs away from home in an effort to change her younger sister s future Chu Ju travels all across China, trying to find a family that will take her in Chu Ju ends up finding a home in a very small village where she helps a woman who is childless as her son is off in Shanghai Just as Chu Ju has finally found a home, death is at her doorstep, and she will face once again the pains of loss Will she ever find her place in this [...]

  3. Chu Ju s house is a book that talks about a girl who lives in China.She leaves her house and her family and goes on an unknown dangerous journey She s doing these things because she wants to save her little sister from getting sold I think that the book is thrilling, mysterious and it is also a pageturner My rating for this book is 4 stars out of 5 I recommend this book to elementary and middle school students and other people that are between the ages 10 16.

  4. This novel is definitely going to be a part of my classroom library Taking place in present day, it shares the story of a young girl in rural China who runs away from home to spare her baby sister being sent away This is an engaging tale which reveals the horror and oppression of communist China The characters are well developed and believable The plot is fast paced, sure to keep the attention of young readers There is so much action that I think it will appeal to both boys and girls, even thoug [...]

  5. Chu Ju s House is book about a girl named Chu Ju who must flee her home to save her baby sister from being sold The various obstacles that she faces may by difficult, but they just make it all the satisfying when she perseveres That is one of the many things that makes Chu Ju such a likeable character we enjoy seeing her succeed Similar to other Gloria Whelan books, every single challenge in this story is derived from a woman vs society conflict Also similar to Whelan s other books, this novel [...]

  6. It was a new year and a parade is going on A girl named Chu Ju live with her family in China That time in China, the law said that every family are only allowed to have two children And one of them have to be a boy Chu Ju s mom have a baby and she thought he will be a boy After the baby is born, Chu ju s parent is not so happy because the baby is a girl In order to make room for a boy, they must give away the baby girl Chu Ju s parent decide to gave away the baby next morning Chu Ju heard about [...]

  7. It was a very heart touching book, I HIGHLY recommend it It highlights the fact that families in china could only have a certain amount of children, and to deserve honour they needed at least one boy It teaches you the hard conditions that children with no place in their family went through from being sold to a orphanage like a bag of rice These parents don t understand how much blame they attach the child for being a certain gender It makes the child feel unwanted as if they are one too many an [...]

  8. I thought that it was a little boring, because I don t like stories about China s policies or things like that At first, the book was a little boring for me but then it started to get better and exciting because when she escaped she didn t know where to go and I kept reading because I wanted to find out what happens to her The book was also a little bit confusing because it was difficult to know who is who because of the names but then I figured it out I would rather read a book other than Chu [...]

  9. This is a simple book that brings some Asian cultures to life A young girl is born in a family that can, by law, have only two children In China it was important to have a male heir When a second daughter is born, steps are taken to sell her Chu Ju makes an important decision to save her sister which brings her into contact with four other subcultures in her society Good for grades 3 4, with many interesting points for discussion I ve read it twice and found it interesting both times.

  10. I think the book is good and a page turner The story is interesting and exciting The author had a nice idea for the story However, words were a little bit confusing because the characters call each other by their Chinese names, for example, Nai Nai is a grandma in Chinese, so you need to remember the names to keep on track But, overall, it was fun and easy to read.

  11. Chu Ju is an only child but when her mom has a baby and it is a girl the family decides to get rid of it because they want a boy except Chu Ju so she runs a way so they can keep the baby Chu Ju goes through many adventures thru china.

  12. A wonderful story about a truly good hearted young girl who does what s right even at her own expense and find happiness on her journey.

  13. This is a book based on the Chinese law, government, and the poor side of China It has many moments that drag and have an impact on the reader It uses lots of transcendence which not any book can do I would recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure Definitely 5 stars.

  14. I think this is a good book It is very discriptive and interesting Chu s life is kind of similar to mines though, which makes it have many connections I would like to know why do most chinese parents think girls are not as good and useful as boys.Chu s grandpa passed away and everyone was sad Grandpa spends the most time with Chu than anyone of the family members Her dad and grandma both hope that the baby in her mother s tommy is a boy The family is not that rich so they can only have two child [...]

  15. Chu Ju s house is an adventure across China, highlighting different Chinese ways of life and traditions, as well as life under Chairman Mao s regime Chu Ju lives in communist China in the 1960 s Rural families are only allowed to have two children according to government law When Chu Ju s mother gives birth to another girl, the family decides to sell the baby to an orphanage, so they can try again to have a son The day before the baby is to be picked up, Chu Ju runs away from home to keep her ba [...]

  16. This will be a book for the girls to read in a few years Chu Ju is a brave heroine who does the right thing, even when completely terrifying SPOILERS She runs away at 14 in communist China to save her baby sister, the second born I love the journey the author takes us on, and the skills and lessons Chu Ju picks up along the way From killing fish to feeding silkworms to harvesting rice paddies and learning that there are good people everywhere, and even the bad guys have some sort of redeeming qu [...]

  17. Fourteen year old Chu Ju and her family live in modern rural China, where a strict policy of two children per family is enforced When Chu Ju s mother becomes pregnant again, the family hopes for a boy, because sons are strongly preferred But when the baby is born, it is another girl, who is named Hua When Chu Ju learns that her grandmother plans to sell baby Hua to an orphanage so that there will be room in the family for another child, hopefully a son, Chu Ju decides to run away from home to sp [...]

  18. This book is mostly memorable to me because of the setting I haven t read many books that were set in China, and it was interesting to experience another culture I am not exactly sure when this book is set, though It seems to be fairly modern, with mentions of blue jeans and television, but no dates are given I am guessing it s during the 1980s or 1990s I also like how this story shows how horrible the Chinese law is that limits the number of children a family can have This isn t a terribly comp [...]

  19. Chu Ju is nothing but a worthless daughter, and her Nai Nai will not let her forget it And when her mother becomes pregnant again they all pray that it will be a son to regain the honor of their family and to work for them in their old age But it s a girl Not being able to have a third child because of the government policy her Nai Nai convinces her Father to sell the baby But, Chu Ju loves her sister, who she has named Hua and is willing to leave so that Hua can replace her as their firstborn, [...]

  20. In the place where Chu Ju live,there is only allow to have two children,one boy and one girl Chu Ju a girl who is fourteen years old is going to be a sister but what gives a shock to the family is that the second child Hua was a girl.So the family have to send this child away until a son had come, but Chu Ju can t let this happen,so she leaves home at night so the family would have one child,Hua and a son would yet came The journey was adventurous to Chu Ju,she became a fisher,a farmer and met a [...]

  21. Each Chinese family could only have two children if they live in the country Chu Ju s ma ma is going to give birth to a child and everybody hoped that the child will be a boy since Chu Ju was already a girl.Unfortunately, when the child was born, it was actually a girl To upset, Nai Nai grandmother decided to sell the girl yo an orphanage Scared of her sister being sell to a poor orphanage where there is nothing to eat, or grown up being a slave or wife to elder man, Chu Ju ran away, give a chan [...]

  22. tim hudak does not approve gloria whelan is losing her job she and chu Ju HaVe angerred me HOW CAN YOU WRITE A BOOK THAT HAS NO PEOPLWE LOSING JOBS that is the best part every book vote for me and then i will cut your job and steal your dog if you do not have a dog i will steal your cat if you do not have a cat i will steal your fish i don not care if you dont have a fish i have a fish his name is swimmy he can do tricks CAN YOUR FISH DO TRICKS NO IT CANT BECAUSE YOU ARE FAT AND LAZY so youy wil [...]

  23. This book was about a girl living in China Her family is disappointed that they only have a girl in the family, so when they have a second child and it s a girl they decide to put it up for adoption only two children are allowed per family, and they want to try again for a boy Chu Ju the protagonist decides to run away so that her new sister won t be adopted the family won t have to give their third child away So then most of the book is following Chu Ju s travels after she ran away.The story wa [...]

  24. gr 5 8 227 pgs1975, rural China The Chinese government only allows rural families to have two children More than anything Chu Ju s parents and grandmother hope that the new baby will be a boy When 14 year old Chu Ju s mother gives birth to a girl, Chu Ju s grandmother convinces the family that the baby should be given away so that they can try to have a boy Chu Ju loves her new baby sister To save her baby sister, Chu Ju makes the difficult decision to leave home The reader follows Chu Ju as she [...]

  25. Based in Communist China around the 1970s, she runs away so her family will keep her baby sister She experiences life on a fishing boat, at a silk worm farm and as a farmer with an older lady, whom she reads to But after helping out her son, when she can t tell the woman about helping her son, she is sent away and leaves behind a boy she s grown close to Interesting look into different cultures, families and time period good for 10 and up Possible concerns mentions the boys go swimming in the bu [...]

  26. This book brings home the troubles facing China because of their one child laws It brushes on several of the issues that face China because of this law but doesn t really go into great depth on any of the issues Whelan also touches on the subject of government censorship of its people This book felt a bit superficial, however it is a good starting point for a lot of issues and could jump start many research projects for students I liked Chu Ju s strength and ability to survive even though she fe [...]

  27. The book, The Good Earth, has stayed a part of my life so I love books about the Chinese culture Chu Ju s House is a captivating story of a young girl who takes care of her sister as her feet are bound Even though Chu Ju was free to walk and wait on her family because her feet were not bound, it made me feel happy for her and grateful I did not live with those customs You can go online after you read this book and look for pictures on footbinding I would love to see your face as you see these pi [...]

  28. This book follows Chu Ju, the first daughter in a Chinese family When her mother gives birth a second girl, it is decided that her younger sister will be sent away so that her parents can try for a son Chu Ju, not wanting her sister to be thrown out, runs away from home I really enjoyed Chu Ju s House Like Homeless Bird, another of Whelan s books, it brings to attention the plights of young women the world over Chu Ju, the main character, was strong, intelligent, and the book was entertaining I [...]

  29. I am really liking Gloria Whelan s books right now They aren t exactly life changing, but they do make me think, and I walk away feeling like I have learned something new about another time place I feel like I m getting a short, easy, entertaining history lesson They are all fiction, but I really like how realistic she makes each one, especially the voice in which she writes them The ending felt a bit abrupt unsatisfying to me, but maybe that s just because I was enjoying the story so much and d [...]

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