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Tropicul capricornului

Tropicul capricornului By {author, Unlimited Tropicul capricornului - by Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian Unlimited Tropicul capricornului - by Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian - Tropicul capricornului, Tropicul capricornului Romanul Tropicul Capricornului este povestea unui artist hedonist i cu sim ul umorului Pentru Henry Miller sexualitatea nu reprezint niciodat ca la un Rabelais de pild o problem pur fiziologic i

  • Title: Tropicul capricornului
  • Author: Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian
  • ISBN: 9781602571884
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Tropicul capricornului - by Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian, Tropicul capricornului, Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian, Tropicul capricornului Romanul Tropicul Capricornului este povestea unui artist hedonist i cu sim ul umorului Pentru Henry Miller sexualitatea nu reprezint niciodat ca la un Rabelais de pild o problem pur fiziologic i nici nu este o trambulin pentru ntors turi de fraz spumoase cu mult umor Nici nu trivializeaz excesiv subiectul dar este departe i de a i atribui cine tie ceRomanul Tropicul

Tropicul capricornului

Unlimited Tropicul capricornului - by Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian Unlimited Tropicul capricornului - by Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian - Tropicul capricornului, Tropicul capricornului Romanul Tropicul Capricornului este povestea unui artist hedonist i cu sim ul umorului Pentru Henry Miller sexualitatea nu reprezint niciodat ca la un Rabelais de pild o problem pur fiziologic i Tropicul capricornului

  • Unlimited Tropicul capricornului - by Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian
    373Henry Miller Antoaneta Ralian
Tropicul capricornului

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  1. I am so thoroughly healthy and empty No dreams, no desires I am like the luscious deceptive fruit which hangs on the Californian trees One ray of sun and I will be rotten Henry MillerThe first thing, if you are lucky, that you discover about Henry Miller is that you shouldn t introduce him to your wife, your sister, your mother or any other female that you care to leave unsullied He is like a bloodhound once he catches the scent of a female that he has not had carnal knowledge with It wasn t th [...]

  2. All throughout this book I was thinking about one thing when was Cancer and when was Capricorn written The first one was published in 1934, and the second in 1938 Four years made this huge progression Miller really evolved as a writer, he became concentrated and maybe a bit humbler He is still unconventional, but although he s a mad man I even felt sorry for him, which I think he would hate the most , I ve found so much mellowness, wisdom and truth in his words that I found myself having goose [...]

  3. Prolix Hyperbolics by an Existentialist Sexaholic on His Manhattan Frolics Sex In America, an obsession In other parts of the world, a fact Marlene Dietrich Mainly, I read this to broaden my horizons and experience first hand the text underlying the fuss that was made over Henry Miller when his two Tropic novels were finally published in the U.S in 1961 Tropic of Capricorn, a semi autobiographical prequel to Tropic of Cancer set in 1930s Paris , though published a few years after, is set mostly [...]

  4. d Cancer is separated from Capricorn only by an imaginary line.Henry Miller s second book is a strange and sometimes bewildering but often exhilarating exploration of his early years, before heading to Paris He pays homage to Dadaism and Surrealism, but not as influences so much as discoveries after the fact discoveries of like minds who he never knew existed until he was already like minded.The narrative is dense, compacted, sometimes a single paragraph will extend over several pages, and styli [...]

  5. Although this novel less famous than tropic of Cancer for example 8,174 ratings, 309 reviews against 26,082 ratings, 1,465 reviews in But it s the better one.When i read Tropic of Cancer i were prepared to all the beauty in it, I read it many years ago translated into Arabic, read many articles about it, But with Tropic of Capricorn as i thought that Miller is a one work artist it was like an aesthetic shock Again the beautiful language, again the charming prose, I m ready now to read Miller s w [...]

  6. I read the first few chapters was boringen I skipped chapters hoping he would get interestinghe didn t going was still boringwards the endhe is pathetically sentimental, self indulgent and boringI think it is because he was mooching off his wife while trying to shag someone else s wives in order to mooch off them tood too much mooching off the labours of women while being an annoying left bank Parisian bum, made him go cunt, cunt, cunt a lotbut it did not make him an interesting writer with a p [...]

  7. Everything I ever said about Henry Miller is NOT true I was a senseless child when I read The Tropic of Cancer and I thought he was a machist and so on and you know what I want to read the freaking Tropic of Cancer again And now I sole it so I have to buy it again damn youuuuuuu But I had the book in Portuguese though and I want to read it in English, so it was not so bad after all Anyway, it was one of the happy moments of 2014 recognizing that Henry Miller is an intelligent, sensitive human be [...]

  8. cunt cunt cunt I hate this book I love this book At moments I m completely swept away or disgusted Lost in a bleakness and shaking my head in pity for Henry At times his existence is loathsome like a bad acid trip Other times it s over the top sexy Juices tumbling out of groins I feel like I m in between those loins.

  9. Found it completely pointless Maybe I dont get surreal style at all Maybe this zig zag approach to reality makes me dizzy.Point is, I am sure many of his admirers, if they missed the famous author name, would feel as I do about this book.

  10. DNFthis is actually really sad for me, because i was so excited to read this book in the beginning i thought it was exquisite with the narcissistic and arrogant tone of the author that i quite liked, to be honest but then it contained offensive pieces every black man is a ni er and he constantly cheats on his wife and makes it look normal i actually found reviews with people saying that he s living than us to which i gagged there were some parts that i actually liked, but the you go on, the o [...]

  11. It is no mean feat to take away from a book an erudition Reading Henry Miller s work schooled me into realising that there really is only one great adventure and that is inward towards the self And, importantly that inveterate boozing and smoking, carousing, quixotic philandering and riding life out on the wind of the wing of madness like one has iron in the backbone and sulphur in the blood is elementary in the success of that adventure and the manumitting of oneself from the ne plus ultra dru [...]

  12. I suppose I should preface this review with a warning This is an explicit book This book has full of sex And this book has no plot.Ten years ago, when I was a senior in high school, I read Henry Miller s Tropic of Cancer It opened my eyes It was the first book that I read that had no plot at all, and I was looking for a story in the book, and yet there were none It was just a three hundred page rant about the traipsing of the author I liked it.This time, I read Tropic of Capricorn, ten years aft [...]

  13. La oportunidad m s maravillosa que ofrece la vida es la de ser humano Abarca todo el universo Incluye el conocimiento de la muerte, del que ni siquiera Dios goza p.226.Tr pico de Capricornio me ha gustado m s que su antecesor Aqu hay m s espiritualidad, filosof a y reflexi n Tambi n hay m s sexo, escenas repugnantes, s filis, machismo, miseria, pobreza Pero es una novela genial, intensa, absorbente, que te deja con un vac o y con muchas preguntas Es una novela que te hace explotar la cabeza, por [...]

  14. Zor bir kitap O lak D nencesi.Yazar n Yenge D nencesi ni okudu um yak n zamanda, Henry Miller ke fetmemin ne kadar ge kald n anlad mda b y k bir panik hali ya am ve en k sa zamanda O lak D nencesi ni okuma karar alm t m Ancak Yenge D nencesi nde ki oburlu um burada kendini g steremedi Kitap yordu beni bir noktada O y zden yar s nda ara vermek ve araya bir ok kitap sokmak durumunda kald m Bu, asl nda Miller in de il, benim densizli im Zira Miller tempolu bir hayat i erisinde, dikkatinizi vermeniz [...]

  15. Ca un carusel Un montaigne rousse pe care pleci agale, ridic ndu te pe culmi i apoi cobor nd ame itor prin tot felul de rota ii, alte ui uri i cobor ri ad nci i abrupte Asta a putea spune despre Tropicele lui Henry Miller.Privind retrospectiv ambele lecturi, m simt ca i cobor t dintr un astfel de monstru de distrac ii Pline de adrenalin , de tr iri, de g nduri, de filozofie juc u , cu erotism dus la obscen, cu efuziuni de lirism i imagini puternice, printre care se strecoar diferite contradic ii [...]

  16. Worse than Tropic of Cancer Vulgar for the sake of being vulgar, and no compelling plot, characters, themes in short, nothing that warrants literary merit Tropic of Capricorn, along with Tropic of Cancer, may have been groundbreaking at the time, but without the historical context they re just crude, misogynistic, violent, and ugly When it is not that, it is boring to the point of punishment Miller writes like a stoned undergrad, contemplating his place in the universe through endless oblique me [...]

  17. In the contraversal debates on Fifty Shades of Grey this was one of the books suggested as being a better read So I thought I d try it I m almost halfway through the book after much skim reading for me on the negativity of life I m ready to throw the towel in and move onto a pleasant book.

  18. I wanted to be wide awake without talking or writing about it, in order to accept life absolutely More than just a companion piece to his first novel, Henry Miller s Tropic of Capricorn is one of the purest, most intellectually stimulating works of spiritual, sexual and artistic awakening I ve ever come across.

  19. Henry Miller is mad I m not sure any that he s mad in a good way This book was ranting and raving of a genius writer, but if you take it personally it can appall or depress you I didn t think it was as good as Tropic of Cancer That book was a constant high for me, but this one faltered at many places and at times bored me But boredom doesn t last longer than a page or two when reading this book Something really good will take you out of it and keep you out of it for a good while.Looking at some [...]

  20. Should have been banned for its banality rather than its sexual content I recently reread the first page and counted five cliches I d ve found had I the strength to continue Miller had pluck, sure, and ballsful of bravado But talent I might ve wanted to drink with him in some Dijon bordello, listen to one or two of his stories outloud his novels certainly read like they were dictated but his written words are weak and watery Of course, he couldn t see that, blinded as he was by his outsized ego [...]

  21. This was the first Henry Miller book I ever read, and until I read The Rosy Crucifixion, I considered it his best Most readers and critics seem to focus on the sexual aspects of Miller s work, or else the profanity, or that his work was autobiographical, and they tend to say that his work isn t relevant to a 21st Century audience I disagree while his language might be suited to an audience from an earlier time, and his cynicism and sexual explicitness might put readers off personally, I think h [...]

  22. Miller is either a sheer genius or a madman perhaps both This is the companion work to Tropic of Cancer, and actually predates it in chronological time line Miller exhibits an extra ordinary ego, an inability to focus on much anything beyond sex and money both of which he seems to feel entitled, without commitment There is certainly a bit of the pedagog in him, and he displays it often and distractingly.I read these two works because they are considered benchmark works in American Literature Thi [...]

  23. Call me puritanical , but when I read a line like The sad thing about Valeska was the fact that she had n r blood in her veins pg 57 I lose interest in a book Why do I want to read about a blatant racist sexist His musings aren t that interesting Nelson Algren put it best when he said Henry Miller has one fault, he thinks he thinks.

  24. One of those fierce books I ve usually read in homeopathic doses so I won t die of an homme de lettres overdose.

  25. Quite an unusual book There is no plot, no chapter, no format, few paragraphs The author appears extremely well read and knowledgeable in many fields from opera to history to religions and much He is extremely open about sexuality He writes in a run on style and often continues for seven or pages without a single paragraph break His style is very much a stream of consciousness He relates everything to sex, maybe than half the book relates to sex, often directly and often obliquely He uses sex [...]

  26. Peccato che abbia dovuto usare Cristo come gruccia, ma dall altra parte cosa importa come ci si accosta alla verit purch la si trovi, e si viva di lei Henry Miller coinvolge e sconvolge, non solo per la nudit delle immagini delle copertine, ma anche e soprattutto per la verit di quello che racconta Ci che colpisce la disarmante verit di cui questa sua opera intrisa.Tropico del Capricorno un romanzo dove i dialoghi sono quasi assenti e dove la verit di Miller cruenta e cruda Ogni parola usata dal [...]

  27. Everything was for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came The present was only a bridge and on this bridge they are still groaning, as the world groans, and not one idiot ever thinks of blowing up the bridge.Actually haven t picked this up again I was enticed by the idea of reading about his life in America, pre European days, after reading about him in Anais Nin s first diaries However, the first chapter was one big whine fest, full of pity and non belief in the goodness of the human spirit He write [...]

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