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Journey By {author, [PDF] Journey | by ☆ Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie [PDF] Journey | by ☆ Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie - Journey, Journey None

  • Title: Journey
  • Author: Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie
  • ISBN: 9780394490182
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Journey | by ☆ Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie, Journey, Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie, Journey None


[PDF] Journey | by ☆ Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie [PDF] Journey | by ☆ Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie - Journey, Journey None Journey

  • [PDF] Journey | by ☆ Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie
    184Robert K. Massie Suzanne Massie

828 thought on “Journey

  1. Read this as a teenager and I remember that it really affected me I loved how the chapters were alternately written by the mother and father The Massies recount their journey of raising a son who is a hemophiliac.I found the photographs haunting, and felt a real connection with the son I hope I can find this book and read it again.Bought it used from B N and started it last night I was planning to reread this before looking up the current status of the disease s treatments But I couldn t wait so [...]

  2. Author s son has hemophilia like the Tsar s son did This is his story Another reason I m hooked on anything by Robert K Massie Never disappointed by his books, history or memoir.

  3. Pretty interesting although depressing story of the Massie family s struggle with hemophilia The parents writing style seems very dated to me, but the story is a compelling one Bobby, the son with hemophilia, was so unfortunate to have this disease but pretty fortunate to have parents determined for him to have as many opportunities as possible I heard someone on the radio mention this book and tracked it down I don t really recommend it unless you re interested in hemophilia or family life with [...]

  4. An intimate look at the life of a family living with chronic illness Rather than write as we, Massie and his wife Suzanne wrote the book in alternating chapters labeled with their initials Journey is brutally honest and at times painful to read Suzanne writes of the crushing fatigue brought on by the eternal vigilance it took to keep an inquisitive, active little boy with hemophilia from tripping over the coffee table or falling down the steps, the pain of watching their son trying to make frien [...]

  5. Read this the first time decades ago But I liked it better this time The Massies write alternating chapters on the process of caring for their son who suffered from hemophilia by turns harrowing and joyous This experience sparked the couple s interest in the history of this disease which led to several books on the Russian royal family Really good.

  6. Read this around 1975 76 Great insight to the experience of raising a son with hemophilia Certainly provided context to the Massie s research and writing Nicholas and Alexandra I wonder how much, if at all, the treatment of disease has changed since the 1970 s.

  7. This book taught me about the unexpected in life Who knew when I read it in high school that I, too, would have a special needs son and that this books was good preparation for that

  8. The Massies wrote this book about their son who had hemophilia That is how they became interested in the Romanovs and wrote the wonderful book Nicholas and Alexandra.

  9. I read this way back in College after reading Nicholas and Alexandra It s the personl story of their son who with hemophilia, and was the inspiration for his tender telling of the Romanov tragedy.

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