Jan 19, 2022

Yesterday's News

Yesterday's News By {author, ê Yesterday's News ☆ Kajsa Ingemarsson ê Yesterday's News ☆ Kajsa Ingemarsson - Yesterday's News, Yesterday s News It wasn t the first time someone had grabbed her breast Nor was it the first time a man had panted in her ear and pressed his hard crotch against her But it was the first time someone was doing it aga

  • Title: Yesterday's News
  • Author: Kajsa Ingemarsson
  • ISBN: 9789187173196
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

ê Yesterday's News ☆ Kajsa Ingemarsson, Yesterday's News, Kajsa Ingemarsson, Yesterday s News It wasn t the first time someone had grabbed her breast Nor was it the first time a man had panted in her ear and pressed his hard crotch against her But it was the first time someone was doing it against her will The woman in trouble is Agnes In Yesterday s News she will rebound from personal tragedy and find courage in the face of the unknown In the end she stands It wasn t the

Yesterday's News

ê Yesterday's News ☆ Kajsa Ingemarsson ê Yesterday's News ☆ Kajsa Ingemarsson - Yesterday's News, Yesterday s News It wasn t the first time someone had grabbed her breast Nor was it the first time a man had panted in her ear and pressed his hard crotch against her But it was the first time someone was doing it aga Yesterday's News

  • ê Yesterday's News ☆ Kajsa Ingemarsson
    477Kajsa Ingemarsson
Yesterday's News

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  1. Having read and enjoyed Stieg Larsson s The Millenium trilogy, I was intrigued by an email asking for a review of Swenden s 1 non crime writer, Kajsa Ingemarsson Yesterday s News sounded like the antithesis of Stieg Larsson s work I believe it is classified as contemporary women s fiction and, intrigued by the summary, I happily accepted the book for review.I really enjoyed Yesterday s News One of my complaints about The Millenium trilogy was the fact that it was set in Sweden, thus making the r [...]

  2. This was a good holiday book for me that I read by the hotel pool It told a realistic story, about Agnes a young waitress in Sweeden, her life and sorrows I found the story very interesting and I think I have never been able to sit for such a long time in the sun, by the pool Very enjoyable book.

  3. Underh llande och l ttl st roman som gjorde mig v ldigt hungrig L s hela recensionen h r ewelinasbokblogg

  4. I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this book Not because it was a great romance or because I identified with Agnes, but because she was real, and because her life was such a train wreck.I couldn t grasp two things about her, why she didn t report the boss that sexually harassed her and then fired her and why she clung to Tobias However, fear makes even the smartest women do stupid things, so I could try to see why she behaved the way she did.The secondary characters were what made th [...]

  5. Oh, this is just such a goodfeel book I love the way it just turns me into this good mood It s well written and love the way the book is kind of a typical woman s literature like Bridget Jones, but don t feel like it.

  6. Agnes has most things in life a job at a fancy restaurant, a boyfriend who loves her, and a best friend whom she knows inside out Or does she All of a sudden things begin to crumble, one by one, and soon nothing is as it was Her boyfriend leaves her for a big busted singer, and she is fired by the sexist and abusive owner of the restaurant where she works She gambles everything she has on the success of a newly opened restaurant, but the road to the glowing review which will open the door to fam [...]

  7. Commediola leggerina bella la scrittura, non male l ambientazione, ma la trama prevedibile Quest ultima cosa parzialmente perdonabile in quanto la prevedibilit rientra tutto sommato nel realistico e o verosimigliante.

  8. Not all books need to have something catastrophic or crazy happen Or take you into the Red Room of Pain Sometimes, a good book makes you feel comfortable and cozy It makes you worry about its hero and want the best for its characters It sticks with you You miss the characters when it s over, and you want to find out what happens next in their lives When I read Eileen Goudge s The Replacement Wife, I was captivated, and I was angry when it ended because I wasn t ready to let go of those character [...]

  9. Meh I think Ingemarsson seems to be a really cool person I mean she worked with some type intelligence or diplomacy missions previously From what I ve heard she also seems to be a very funny person However she seems to be a part of the latest Swedish obession with writers who ve had cool jobs see Jens Lapedius I d say a fascinating work experience does not a good writer make I simply don t think that this book is anything special The twist can be seen from miles away The language is nothing spec [...]

  10. This book starts out telling you it is not going to be dark and brooding a direct reference to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books and it is not Agnes Edin is a professional waitress who is fired by her lecherous French boss for refusing his advances and dropping a rare and expensive bottle of wine She spirals into a depression when her loser musician boy friend drops her simultaneously Agnes is a bit snarky and interesting, a Swedish version of Bridget Jones Agnes eventually joins a former co [...]

  11. Well there are truly a lot of chic lit novels out there of various quality This book differs in several ways For one thing this novel is set in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm which I find is kind of exotic The names of the streets and the atmosphere makes this book very appealing to me and stands out from the crowd Maybe this was extra important to me since I m of Swedish heritage.The story itself is your typical reaching the bottom climbing up again story where the protagonist Agnes looses bo [...]

  12. 3.5 stars.This book was a huge hit in Sweden, where 1 in 4 Swedish women have read it.Super interesting and hard to categorize Swedish novelt a romance, not chic lit, not YA It is a story about a young woman in Stockholm and the decision to become the heroine of her own life I had some initial issues with the actual translation, which isn t as smooth as it could have been but wasn t ultimately dissatisfying I liked the world and the characters with the exception that sometimes Agnes was a total [...]

  13. Agnes is the heroine of this cute and heart warming novel In a very short time period she gets molested by her slimy boss, loses her boyfriend AND her job Without nothing she decides that this might be the time to actually pursuit her dreams and she teams up with a friend who is opening up a new restaurant in Stockholm It sounds simple, but so many unexpected things happen along the way and this novel actually contains lot of wisdom and depth It s a feel good novel that will make you both cry an [...]

  14. 330 pagine in cui non mi stato permesso annoiarmi accaduto di tutto alla protagonista, nel momento stesso in cui pensavo di star leggendo il massimo ecco che accadeva qualche altra cosa.tutto concentrato nella realizzazione di un sogno, la creazione di un piccolo ristorante che sarebbe destinato a divenire un classico a Stoccolma anche se non propriamente suo, ma di un suo collega Paolo, c pi di quanto si fosse mai immaginata di suo tra quelle 4 mura, partendo dal semplice nome Piccoli gialli li [...]

  15. Contrary to the reviews printed on the book, it was not hard to put down It was not in the least enthralling It needs further editing to correct some grammar mistakes and some of the dialogue was hard to follow because it did not specify who was speaking at which point It was an easy read and it picked up towards the middle All in all, it was okay.

  16. This book about a woman in the restaurant business in Stockholm is just a little too pat and I found it a wee bit predictable and unlikely at the same time restaurant business that I know of is not nearly so well behaved, where are the drugs , but for all that, I stayed up v late finishing it HAve heard that there will be both a movie and an english translation.

  17. This book is bubblegum, just like the authors taste in music The book was entertaining in a small way, but mostly irritating Every character and situation was completely predictable Add to that, putting down Bob Dylan,Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd.ridiculous.

  18. Very enjoyable book that my wife recommended Not only for women I d say even though the publisher is promoting it that way.

  19. The story was ok I did not think the writing was very good, and the story was super predictable A couple of really weird sentences right in the middle of the story not one of my best reads.

  20. Jauka un viegli las ma gr mata atp tai Attiec bu peripetijas uz jauna restor na veido anas un atkl anas fona Si ets risin s pietiekami azartiski, ir padom ts par las t ja labsaj tu

  21. In generale punta su carte sicure Non c niente di sbagliato, se lo si fa bene.La frase del titolo non tratta da una recensione, bens da una critica ad un ristorante, ma io credo che sia applicabile anche a questo libro.Grossomodo non introduce nulla di nuovo sul piatto, tanto per rimanere in tema, a parte una inconsueta ambientazione svedese Certo, dopo Larsson la Svezia comincia ad essere un pochino inflazionata come location e Stoccolma, secondo la moderna narrativa contemporanea, sembra avere [...]

  22. En s t og underholdende bok om Agnes, som er bosatt i Stockholm Plutselig en dag g r alt i dass for hovedpersonen v r hun f r sparken fra den anerkjente restauranten hun jobber i, og kj resten dumper henne til fordel for en blond jente med store pupper Agnes vet ikke hva hun skal ta seg til, men hun kommer seg p bena igjen, takket v re den gode venninnen Lussan og foreldrene som bor i en liten by ikke langt unna Hun treffer en gammel bekjent, og f r tilbud om en jobb i en restaurant som snart sk [...]

  23. Ei ollut kummoinen lukukokemus Varsinkin kirjan loppu oli rsytt v n onnellinen kun kaikki asiat meniv t parhain p in loppujen lopuksi, niljakas Tobiaskin vaihdettiin j rkev mp n mieheen, joka oli koko ajan ollut tarjolla.

  24. Un libro da divorare in piccoli morsi, non condividerai quasi mai le scelte della goffa protagonista ma finirai per considerarla la tua migliore amica e a prevedere ogni sua mossa come fanno le sorelle maggiori.

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