Jan 19, 2022

Travel Light

Travel Light By {author, [PDF] Travel Light | by ¼ Naomi Mitchison [PDF] Travel Light | by ¼ Naomi Mitchison - Travel Light, Travel Light From the dark ages to modern times from the dragons of medieval forests to Constantinople this is a fantastic and philosophical fairy tale journey that will appeal to fans of Harry Potter Diana Wyn

  • Title: Travel Light
  • Author: Naomi Mitchison
  • ISBN: 9780956613
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Travel Light | by ¼ Naomi Mitchison, Travel Light, Naomi Mitchison, Travel Light From the dark ages to modern times from the dragons of medieval forests to Constantinople this is a fantastic and philosophical fairy tale journey that will appeal to fans of Harry Potter Diana Wynne Jones and T H White s The Sword in the Stone

Travel Light

[PDF] Travel Light | by ¼ Naomi Mitchison [PDF] Travel Light | by ¼ Naomi Mitchison - Travel Light, Travel Light From the dark ages to modern times from the dragons of medieval forests to Constantinople this is a fantastic and philosophical fairy tale journey that will appeal to fans of Harry Potter Diana Wyn Travel Light

  • [PDF] Travel Light | by ¼ Naomi Mitchison
    114Naomi Mitchison
Travel Light

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  1. Ever wanted a Tolkeinesque saga with a female lead Look no further this is it, and from someone close to Tolkein who proof read Lord of the Rings before it was published This was published in 1952, before Lord of the Rings in 1954.This really ought to stand alongside The Hobbit and Harry Potter and other such tales to be read as one grows up For some reason it doesn t and its remarkable author is not considered part of the canon.Mitchison lived to be 101 and her life and the scope of her interes [...]

  2. Travel light my child, as the Wanderer travels light, and his love will be with you 57 Travel LightTravel Light tells the story of Halla, a girl born to a King, who will also take the very same gift that was given, for he casts her out into the wilds before any words could be spoken She is nursed by bears and raised by dragons But the time of dragons has come to past and magic is waning, our dear Halla is destined to make a choice Who will she be Halla Bearsbairn Halla Heroesbane or Halla Godsgi [...]

  3. I came across this because of Amal El Mohtar s NPR review the idea of a book in dialogue with Tolkien, by one of the women around him who he encouraged and listened to, definitely appealed I think just recently I was asking if anyone s written anything about Tolkien s female students, about whom I know very little except that I m sure I have been told they existed Time for a woman to write a biography of Tolkien Move over, Humphrey Carpenter, Tom Shippey And this book delivered It is rather slig [...]

  4. Read because it was highly recommended at an Arisia panel on forgotten classics by women back in January, and also because it was part of the Small Beer Press Humble Bundle A few weeks ago I went and saw a one man show called Transmission It was about ideas, and values, and how the books we read in childhood worm their way into our conscious and conscience and affect us years and decades down the line and it was a cry to reject that, to examine our received beliefs and rebuild them anew Story, t [...]

  5. I thought this was a bit twee at first but got into it after a while, and ended up liking it a lot The point at which it gets really good is when she leaves the dragons, and when she meets the men from Marob and what happens to them And the Valkyries and All Father and the abrupt feeling revelation at the end that giants and dragons are getting scarce loved it It had a numinousness it s hard to find in fantasy, though one goes to fantasy precisely for that.

  6. Absolutely stunning I loved the ripping pace of it and the sparkling prose Every once in a while, a phrase would be so perfectly expressed that it would just stop me in my tracks Wonderful book, deserving of its high praise I wish it were better known.

  7. I borrowed this from my University library for three reasons firstly, I had never read any Mitchison and felt I should rectify that, particularly as she s a Scottish author secondly, its original Virago green spine stood out to me on the shelf and thirdly, the storyline sounded both weird and wonderful I must admit that I don t ordinarily read books with elements of magic to them with the exception of Harry Potter, of course , but I read the first page whilst I should have been looking for thesi [...]

  8. I can t remember why or how I bought this book Someone must have recommended it, because it s a slim little volume, first published sixty years ago, and there s nothing about it that might have caught my eye Whoever suggested it maybe a Facebook friend deserves my thanks Naomi Mitchison lived to be 101, according to the cover information, and published dozens of books If this is representative, I ll be going in search of some of those TRAVEL LIGHT defies categorization, truly, but if I had to ca [...]

  9. Est tan lindo Super recomendable, lectura r pida y entretenida Para los amantes de la fantas a es un must de los cl sicos

  10. This story of an endangered young princess rescued by bears and then raised among dragons soon becomes an episodic quest tale ranging from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and addressing the transition from paganism to Christianity The central themes are adaptability and the evolution of imagination.The first 50 pages of this unusual young adult fantasy are marvelous unfortunately, things become a bit murky after that The Norse mythology stuff is best the Valkyrie character and the scene with Od [...]

  11. Travel Light is basically a subversive fairy tale about a princess who s cast out to live with bears, and then dragons, and then humans as she goes on her own hero s quest In some ways it s also a cautionary tale against kings and heroes, who are nothing but self entitled men who steal and kill and do terrible things with the terrifying certainty that they re in the right Mostly, though, it s about traveling light and choosing your own destiny It s a short, light read, but surprisingly denser an [...]

  12. Not really sure exactly what I think of this book I m guessing that it is for a younger audience, but I don t think I would have liked it a whole lot if I d read it as a kid I was enjoying the story well enough while it seemed to be going somewhere Halla travels through the world and All Father tells her to travel light, so she does but then the book just ends when if it had followed Halla as she becomes a Valkyrie it seems like it would have been an even better book With the way it ended thou [...]

  13. Delightful fairy tale narrative with big themes of shapeshifting and migration, starring a delightful female protagonist Definitely recommend this to readers who enjoyed Patricia Wrede s Dragons series

  14. It was like the stories my dad would make up for me before bed time It was great back then, but I m not 4 and I like a plot that makes sense Maybe ok for kids.

  15. Read on recommendation by Rose Lemberg and Amal El Mohtar Such a pleasant surprise I have a feeling it skewed my standards re children s books, now everything will seem less awesome

  16. It wasn t till I read Elizabeth Longford s Introduction after the story itself that I realised this is a sequel of sorts to Mitchison s The Corn King and the Spring Queen apparently the best historical novel of the twentieth century independent arts en which is on my tbr pile but a much bulkier volume than this one so I had passed on it as yet I must admit I was slightly annoyed to have read them out of sequence but Travel Light can stand alone It is, though, a fantasy rather than a straight his [...]

  17. Wow Travel Light is an amazing, special book I have so many things I want to say about it, but I m not sure they d come out right, and anyway, I think the best way to understand how special this book is is to simply read it.It is a short book, so it does not take much time at all to read It is also a good book.Mitchison was a contemporary of Tolkien she apparently was a good friend and proofread The Lord of the Rings , and I could point to many similarities between Travel Light and some of Tolki [...]

  18. A rescued child, fostered by bears and dragons, learns to travel light The title is central conceit, character growth and theme what we carry with us, physically, psychologically what it means to keep or discard, and how it informs our experience couched within a playful, flexible narrative that slides from fairytale to Constantinople The changing settings and tone can be disorientating, even disappointing for becoming less fantastic, but it also allows for increasingly ambiguous thematic develo [...]

  19. Some truly brilliant parts, but some tedium too I would have preferred for the whole book to be like the first section, which has an overtly fairytale quality, before Hallah enters human company and things start to get let s say, spiritually heavy handed.

  20. Short and sweet Very interesting kind of writing almost like an oral accounting I don t think it was as magical as some people said, but it was worth reading.

  21. Like many others, I got this in the Small Beer Press Humble Bundle and only ended up singling it out to read based on the glowing reviews here Hopefully I can add to that support here and pass it on Stuff like The Broken Sword gets touted as forgotten classics that could have redefined the course of modern fantasy if it had been the template for imitation instead of Tolkien Travel Light is in the same category arguably even so than most but much less well known I d never heard it mentioned at al [...]

  22. Certainly, given this book s title and relative obscurity, I never would have picked it up had I not read about it in one of NPR s You Must Read This columns The author of the NPR review reflected upon the impression The Hobbit had on her and wondered how her life might have been different if she had read Travel Light first Travel Light, though it has similarities with Tolkien s work and indeed, Mitchison was close to Tolkien, as revealed in the NPR review , and while the story is epic and fanta [...]

  23. A TOP SHELF review originally published in the January 9, 2014 edition of The MonitorIn 1954, J.R.R Tolkien published his massive follow up to his 1937 children s book, The Hobbit The three volume work of fantasy known as The Lord of the Rings was a tough sell at the time, and Tolkien s publisher turned to established authors for blurbs and marketing, including Naomi Mitchison.Just two years earlier, Mitchison, who was a fan and friend of Tolkien s for years, had herself published a slim fantasy [...]

  24. Sunt dintre cei care au aflat de cur nd n urma a c teva articole laudative recente de pe marele internet despre existen a scriitoarei sco iene Naomi Mitchison, prezentat drept o senza ie subapreciat , drept o nestemat a literaturii britanice, umbrit de prezen a cona ionalului, contemporanului i amicului s u, Tolkien Recunosc, n auzisem de Mitchison bine, pe de alt parte, nici pe Tolkien nu l am avut n cursurile de la facultate, dar pe el ntr adev r numele l precede.Am pus m na pe prima carte de [...]

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