Jan 19, 2022

Under the Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk By {author, ï Under the Boardwalk ✓ Barbara Cool Lee ï Under the Boardwalk ✓ Barbara Cool Lee - Under the Boardwalk, Under the Boardwalk Kindle Edition Wounded artist Hallie Reed comes to Pajaro Bay for a summer job at the town s funky old amusement park But when she wakes up after a mysterious car accident with a gap in her memory sh

  • Title: Under the Boardwalk
  • Author: Barbara Cool Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition

ï Under the Boardwalk ✓ Barbara Cool Lee, Under the Boardwalk, Barbara Cool Lee, Under the Boardwalk Kindle Edition Wounded artist Hallie Reed comes to Pajaro Bay for a summer job at the town s funky old amusement park But when she wakes up after a mysterious car accident with a gap in her memory she soon discovers the missing hour is the key to uncovering a secret that could get her killed Danger romance and a new beginning await Hallie during her summer at the beacKindle

Under the Boardwalk

ï Under the Boardwalk ✓ Barbara Cool Lee ï Under the Boardwalk ✓ Barbara Cool Lee - Under the Boardwalk, Under the Boardwalk Kindle Edition Wounded artist Hallie Reed comes to Pajaro Bay for a summer job at the town s funky old amusement park But when she wakes up after a mysterious car accident with a gap in her memory sh Under the Boardwalk

  • ï Under the Boardwalk ✓ Barbara Cool Lee
    129Barbara Cool Lee
Under the Boardwalk

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  1. Hallie Reed is a thirty something divorcee who s had a difficult life She spent her childhood in the foster care system and ended up marrying an abusive control freak who permanently scarred her After her divorce, Hallie goes to college and becomes roommates with teenager Windy Madrigal The two become close friends and Windy invites Hallie to work at her family s amusement park in Pajaro Bay for the summer A car accident on the way to Pajaro Bay leaves Hallie with amnesia and Windy missing Hunky [...]

  2. Makes no sense spoilers The idea was good,the writing not bad, but the story made no sense A woman is in a car accident and has amnesia one day, the next she s working in an amusement park and solving mysteries with condescending Kyle She wants to be on her own, but immediately wants to be with Kyle Who is obnoxious The big mystery also makes no sense The items that are prized can t really be hidden in a suitcase Again, the woman with amnesia, has the most clarity in solving the crime, and gets [...]

  3. A Nice Mystery and romance tooI would recommend this to woman of all ages Even though it s got romance it s pretty much a G rating The story was interesting, written well I could almost picture the park and ranch so much so that I wished it really existed Although the mystery was solved too quickly, it was still a good read I would read another story by this author.

  4. Could not put it down Read it in one sitting I m also happy to see where some of the proceeds go I m looking forward to Christmas In Pajaro Bay

  5. When someone says that their middle name is Cool we usually take it to mean that they consider themselves very cool , however, in this case, the terrific tome s author does indeed have Cool as a middle name, and must be pretty cool as well, because she has managed to produce this absolutely brilliant, and extremely cool romantic suspense novel.Part of the profits from this book go to very worthy charities, and the author s website contains recipes for the mouthwatering and unusual dishes mention [...]

  6. This is the second book in the Pajaro Bay Series by Barb Lee, and I enjoyed it even than the first one, The Honeymoon Cottage which I totally loved It starts out sounding like a sweet romance, but suddenly becomes a big mystery where danger and excitement and soul seaching abound I couldn t put it down until everyone was out of harm s way and life s purpose and romance triumph What a great read.

  7. Very enjoyable books Lively and engaging characters, great detail and descriptions Whimsical and uplifting, but not sappy.

  8. Loved this 2nd book in the series, based in Pajaro Bay.Windy Madrigal is at college with Hallie, and they re the best of friends Dieing the Summer, Windy offers Hallie work at her family run amusement park at the bay.Windy picks Hallie up from the bus then something happens which turns Hallies world, along with Windy s big brother Kyle s, upside down.Kyle, being a little older than Windy and the younger twins, took over the family after their parents were killed in a fire at the amusement park s [...]

  9. A family history and mystery.Hallie Reed is coming to Pajaro Bay to start a new job for the Madrigal family Her first day in town she s run off the road, and can t remember anything leading up to the crash, or what has happened to her best friend Windy Madrigal When one of Windys brothers turn up missing too, she s drug into the middle of this mystery, and into Kyle Madrigals life Great mystery, excellent handling of abusive pasts, and a wonderful descriptive lesson in old wooden carousels.

  10. I liked the characters, although it seemed odd that a 30 year old divorcee would be rooming in a college dorm and close friends with a 19 year old woman The setting a seaside amusement park was interesting and made for an unusual mystery There was enough romance and mystery and a satisfying ending I appreciate that the author donates part of her sales to charity.

  11. UNDER THE BOARDWALKOnce again another homerunese are really good Mysteries Love storieswith great back storiesI have seen a Illion and they are breathtaking.even if this set is fictional you seemed to do it justiceAnd the back story was greatI hope the rest of your books are as good as the first two and the short story I have read THANK YOU so much

  12. Hallie and Kyle come from very different worlds Yet together they work as a team to solve the mysterious disappearance of two family members Their very different outlooks on life help each to look also at their own lives with fresh eyes Great story.

  13. Great new series Love the stories as well as the settings Be sure to try this series Amusement Park info was interesting and new.

  14. EnjoyableI liked the coziness of this book I felt connected to the characters and the setting A bit slow in some places but all in all a good read.

  15. I really wanted to like this book, but from the beginning I kept getting thrown out of the story by weird threads that did not go anywhere, gaps in the story and other things that just did not make sense It started at the beginning when the heroine referenced her hands hurting There were also other allusions to her hands, but never any explanation about what happened to her hands NEVER NOT EXPLAINED I have read the book twice to make sure It was not explained Okay When Hallie arrives to spend th [...]

  16. Talia has been moved from foster home to foster home all of her life At age 18 she had never been so desperate for freedom and independence, but she was oh so wrong to do so After being involved in a car rash, Talia has amnesia and cannot recall the events leading up to the incident The journey to discovery involves a haunted house, family history and the oh so gorgeous Kyle What secrets lie to await you in Pajaro Bay This was a lovely heartwarming read and I found myself really empathising with [...]

  17. Hallie Reed is coming to her best friend and former roommate s home town to work for the summer at the local amusement park Hallie brings with her emotional and physical scars When she comes to in the arms of her friends arms with parts of her memory missing from a weird car accident, she and the others start looking at this mystery Now here friend and her younger brother are missing This was a great mystery, romantic, suspenseful book The second in the Pajaro Bay Series but certainly can be rea [...]

  18. Hallie is invited to spend the summer at her roommate s ranch Little did she know what events would await her He friend, Windy and her brother Zac are kidnapped and both Hallie and Windy s big brother are devastated Hallie immediately warms up to the family, participates in the investigations and finds herself in danger Along the way she is hoping to find peace and an opening to love after her tragic experiences in the past A very good read It kept me guessing up to the very last page I especial [...]

  19. I just finished reading Under the Boardwalk It was a good book It actually mad me laugh several times and I smile while I write this This is the first review I ve written for a book I enjoyed reading this and I read it through in one sitting stopping only to make a smoothie and keep reading This book makes you feel you are in Pajaro Bay I never caught on to who was the bad guy Being a cop s daughter myself I was right there with Ryan putting together the clues Thanks for a great read Can t wait [...]

  20. An easy read a nice blend of mystery and romance Hallie is visiting her college roommate at her family history rich home for the summer With a torrid past of heartache and disconnection, she doesn t expect much of her future When her roommate goes missing along with one of her brothers, Hallie is drawn into the family as one of their own Now she must decide can she look past her past to ensure a brighter future It s a good, quick read The narration switches between characters so you get a good f [...]

  21. Give me I have to admit that at times I had to use a bit if suspended disbelief, but it was worth it The characters slowly became friends The places slowly became home And the fear eventually became happiness Hallie brought both despair and hope to life There were large gaps in the story but for once that didn t bother me too much It wasn t perfect, but I enjoyed every second And didn t put it down until o was done.

  22. This was the first book I ve read by Ms Lee, but it certainly will not be the last Under the Boardwalk was a fun book The writing was excellent, with the author doing a fabulous job painting vivid imagery with her words I really felt like I was therewell, I was sure wishing I were there, in any case I fell in love with the main characters just a few pages into the book I was so sorry when it was over I can t wait to read the next Parajo Bay book

  23. Sweet suspenseful romanceThis story took a little bit to get into I like series that incorporates characters from previous stories and this one did not do that so much This story involves the founding family of Pajaro Bay Once I realized this story was of a stand alone novel that takes place in Pajaro Bay I was able to appreciate it This is a nice romance with the added suspense of kidnappings, amnesia, and finding the strength to believe in dreams.

  24. Good readI found this book a VERY good way to pass a boring weekend A simple straight forward mystery and romance I enjoyed this book VERY much Try it for yourself You can also enjoy the other books by this author Time well spent On reading this author in this book or any of her others.

  25. A fun easy read with just enough romance and mystery mixed together I love the personalities of the characters, I hope to read about them in the rest of the series I received this book for free in the giveaway The author signed the book and wrote I hope you enjoy your visit to Pajoro Bay Thank you Barbara Cool Lee, I enjoyed my visit very much

  26. Burdens bring us underBarbara Cool Lee s Under the Boardwalk , it is truly a sweet mystery romance In this storyline, the eldest son has been responsible for raising his four younger siblings, since their parents tragic death The other main character, has an history of abuse and neglect that leaves her disfigured, guarded, and afraid.

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