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Forgiven By {author, Forgiven Best Read || [J.B. McGee] Forgiven Best Read || [J.B. McGee] - Forgiven, Forgiven Everyone has a past good or bad they are always there They lurk and linger in the shadows sometimes reappearing at the most inconvenient times Gabby and Bradley thought that their pasts would remain

  • Title: Forgiven
  • Author: J.B. McGee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 253
  • Format: ebook

Forgiven Best Read || [J.B. McGee], Forgiven, J.B. McGee, Forgiven Everyone has a past good or bad they are always there They lurk and linger in the shadows sometimes reappearing at the most inconvenient times Gabby and Bradley thought that their pasts would remain dormant that happiness was theirs for the taking Still the strongest of relationships can be rocked by the ugliness from a previous life even if it seems to be a world awEveryone has a pas


Forgiven Best Read || [J.B. McGee] Forgiven Best Read || [J.B. McGee] - Forgiven, Forgiven Everyone has a past good or bad they are always there They lurk and linger in the shadows sometimes reappearing at the most inconvenient times Gabby and Bradley thought that their pasts would remain Forgiven

  • Forgiven Best Read || [J.B. McGee]
    253J.B. McGee

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  1. Outstanding 5 Star Book Never lose Faith, Always have Hope, Love for Always 1 Corinthians 13Bradley Banks was once a player who thought love was never going to happen until he met Gabriella Gerhart who makes his world go upside down.Bradley is a sweet, caring guy who sometimes finds a way to hurt the love of his life but he always finds a way to fix it, reading forgiven you can see how much Bradley and Gabby love each other.In this story there is so much emotion between Bradley and Gabby so many [...]

  2. I had the good fortune to get a preview of this unbelievable book I started it last night at dinner and had it finished this morning.The characters and the story line continue from Broken this and Mending this Gabby, Sam, Bradleyp, the whole story continueswith Ian and Veronica.oh my heart the first chapter to the very end, this book had it all.e angst, the love, the secrets which Bradley has made a vow to himself, and eventually Gabby must stop , the white liesl in the name of.you guessed it.LO [...]

  3. MIND BODY SOUL FOREVER.I ve always wondered after reading Mending and Conspiring about the title Forgiven for book 3 What was Bradley asking forgiveness for Come to find out it wasn t about Bradley after all It mostly involved Gabby and her past What she had been through when she was younger was horrendous and I can understand how she locked it down into her subconscious mind Now I completely understand why she was always portrayed as being vulnerable and introverted Despite her horrid past, she [...]

  4. She was lost in so many different ways Out in the darkness with no guide Sometimes love can come and pass you by while you re busy making plans In all honesty, I m not really sure how I feel about this book So, I can only seem to want to give it 3.5 stars It had some fabulous parts and then some parts that just really disappointed me, especially after the last two books This book picks up right at the end of the second book Mending Bradley and Gabby are finally together and they seem to be close [...]

  5. THIS book was so flipping good After all the drama of Veronica and Ian we get some peace for awhile at least for Gabby and Bradley This starts off just after book two ends, in the room after the proposal We still don t know for certain if Bradley or Ian is the father of the baby Veronica is carrying but Gabby for the moment isn t running But in Forgiven, we get a look into the past when someone from Gabby s resurfaces and she has to decide if she is strong enough to forgive To say that we just h [...]

  6. Book 1 BrokenBook 2 MendingBook 2.5 ConspiringNever Lose Faith Always Have Hope Love for AlwaysCorinthians 13I loved the book tremendously, loved how it wasn t easy for the couple to get to where they wanted and loved how you sometimes have to forgive the past to move forward in the future.Bradley and Gabby sure had a lot of obstacles to overcome in Forgiven, primarily the paternity of Veronica s baby Gabby struggled internally with Bradley s devotion to Veronica during the pregnancy and it did [...]

  7. Once again, JB McGee has captivated my heart and entranced my mind with her writing From the first pages of Broken when we felt Gabby s pain and indecisiveness, to the pages of Mending where Bradley worked to mend Gabby s heart, through Conspiring where we saw Veronica and Ian conspire against our Bradley and Gabby, and now into Forgiven where Bradley and Gabby muddle through and find themselves right where their hearts need to begether, THIS series has held on to a standard of morals and princi [...]

  8. I love this series so much Gabby has grown so much since book 1 Bradley is AMAZING As angry as I got when he was busy with Veronica when Gabby needed him, it was that very part of his heart that makes him so amazing That part of the story felt rushed and looked over, but I am hoping there will be detail in their book I was not expecting Gabby s and Sam s dad to end up in the story It made me nervous that something was going to happen to Gabby It was a welcomed anxiety as his part of the story u [...]

  9. I ve been excited to read Forgiven for FOR FREAKING EVER and I have to say throughout the This series I ve watched J.B s writing mature into something so beautiful and poignant I won t be able to forget this one for some time to come I was elated and honored to receive an advanced copy of Forgiven and it took me no time at all to sink my teeth into this fantastic read.Admittedly, when I saw the title I jumped to a conclusion, not a forgone one, but one I must admit was pretty damn shallow of me [...]

  10. I had the pleasure of reading the books in the This series which were my first introduction to J.B McGee In Forgiven, we are given a wonderfully sweet and rich love story involving Gabby and Bradley If you are looking for a story that does not involve graphic sex but still has the romance factor, Forgiven is for you.The story is told from the several different POV s including Gabby, Bradley and Sam There is another major character that gives his POV as well but I don t want to give away any spoi [...]

  11. JB McGee is getting better and better with each book she writes Just love her Gabby, you have my mind, my body, my soul and you are my heart Favorite line from this book Our hero Bradley Banks is just as strong, sweet, and commanding as ever and our heroine Gabby of course is still a sweetie but she definitely blossoms and becomes a much stronger character in Forgiven.Gabby has a few things she has to face from the past in this book and she must decide to either face them head on or run like she [...]

  12. I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC for this and loved following Bradley and Gabby s story I don t want to give anything away but we get to follow the pregnancy and see the impact on their relationship and those around them We also get further insight into the other characters in the book The demons of the past come back to Gabby with some twists along the way The fluidity of JB s writing just improves with each book and I didn t want to put it down I m really looking forward to following the [...]

  13. omgosh where to start I have loved the full Bradley Gabby story I m glad we finally got to see Gabbys past and why she is so closed of I m glad we got to the end of the whole who s the daddy and Bradley and Gabby could move foward with what ever out come not saying then that on that matter, not spoiling it for other readers I m glad Gabby is able to forgive and keep the promise to her mom.I just loved Bradley and Gabby and when I read the end I wanted to cry JB McGee should be so very proud of [...]

  14. I ve luvd these book so sad that this story is over luv gabby an the ohh so sexy bradley but can t wait 4 the next 1

  15. So this is how my week went I read all four of the This books in seven days Starting with Broken This, 1 on 5 22, I worked my way through Mending This, 2 , Conspiring This, 2.5 , and then Forgiven This, 3 I haven t had a chance yet to review the first three books due to the time crunch to complete my review of Forgiven for this blog tour Briefly, I will tell you that Broken and Mending were 3 star reads for me I was on the fence I didn t love the books but I certainly didn t hate them They were [...]

  16. Forgiven by JB McGee4.5 stars I must admit, the title scared me at first who needed forgiveness Bradley or Gabby what did they do to warrant it everything was out in the open or so I thought that is the beauty of titlesif it is a good one, it gets your mind racing before you have even started the first page.This is the continuation of Bradley and Gabby s story I love these two, they have had than their fair share of things to overcome and this book is no exception, however, after the ending of [...]

  17. First things first we loved this book We couldn t wait to read it and it lived up to our expectations Tiffany bites nails well I kind of wanted Gabby and Bradley to be having sex I was sick of her making him wait But it made me fall in love with Bradley even if that s possible He definitely won major points with me in this book like he needed any extra book boyfriend points He was passionate, loving, and raging mad at times, and I loved every minute of it.Benita I liked the fact that not only d [...]

  18. Forgiven, by J.B McGee, is the third book in the This series It is the continuing story of Gabby Gerhart and Bradley Banks This novel is told from multiple perspectives This made it understandable, learning each of the main players feelings of what was going on in their minds The story opens with Gabby and Bradley waking up from their, nightmare of a new obstacle, in their paths Veronica and Ian, two important players from book 2 come to visit with the news that either Bradley or Ian is the fat [...]

  19. Utterly amazing, heart warming and wonderful story where every hopeless romantic reader like me could relate to and even fall in love again and again This is a continuation of Bradley and Gabby s love story The story picked up from where Mending ended Again, the author has written a great and very romantic story that kept me sighing, swooning, smiling, and at times got me teary eyed the entire time I was reading it This part of the series tackled on the lives of Bradley and Gabby after they got [...]

  20. I ve been a huge fan of This series from the very beginning I ve loved Bradley from the first words of Broken This still isn t the ending to their story according to a recent announcement I m glad to see their story continue as I feel there was quite a bit left unresolved in this bookForgiven was the third full book in the series If you didn t read Conspiring which is the novella you might be slightly confused as to the events in this book Bradley is dealing with the issues of being torn between [...]

  21. ARC received for an honest review3.5 stars I am a HUGE Bradley and Gabby fan And I mean HUGE I fell in love with them from day one and feel like their story is so heartwarming even if they do have their hard times Even with the drama, you still feel that knock you off your feet romance that we all just dream about Come on many men do you know that would give up sex for that long to be with a girl And especially after being a player for so long Yeah, that s what I thought t many So, yes this is a [...]

  22. Forgiven is the third book in the This series by JB McGee and continues the story of Bradley Banks and Gabby Gerhart.Drama was high in Broken and Mending and the reader begins to think Bradley and Gabby are on the road to their happily ever after However, in Forgiven new obstacles come into play between Gabby and Bradley I enjoyed how the author has shown Bradley s growth throughout this series He has come a long way from Broken, whereas I didn t feel that Gabby s character developed and progres [...]

  23. I love this series and was so happy to be a part of the blog tour Forgiven is the third book of this series, so I suggest that everyone reads all the books in the series, and who would read a series out of order no no no Never lose faith Always have hope Love for always One of the things that I love about this book is Bradley and Veronica s point of view, I m always such a fan of what each character is thinking The different point of views, helps you understand where exactly they re coming from, [...]

  24. I LOVE BRADLEY He is freaking AWESOME He goes from being total rich playboy to a devoted fiance If you have not read the first 3 books one being a novella you should before you go any further I would recommend this book So Bradley basically does whatever Gabby wants him to do so that he can prove to her that he is really committed He does kinda screw up once but at the same time I understand why he did what he did I would have been PISSED if I were her SPOILER ALERT if you have not read any part [...]

  25. You did a marvelous job for the third installment of This Series JB till the end I coundn t help myself to cry like baby for Gabby, Bradley, Sam, Gabe, Roni Ian and lastly to Faith.My heart has been broken to many pieces finding out what happen to Gabby when she was a child and knowing that Sam witness all that Cound t blame for Sam feeling that way towards to her own father The feeling of hatred that slowly eats her up its really great knowing all the side of their story Witnessing that Ian was [...]

  26. 4.5 Stars This series just keeps getting better and better.When I finished conspiring I needed to know I loved that it gave a perspective into the minds of Veronica and Ian I recommend reading it before Forgiven but it s not necessary.Forgiven took me on a journey through the craziness that was Bradley and Gabby s lives They were both dealing with individual problems that gave the story a lot of depth It s by grace, love, and forgiveness that any of us experience joy I particularly liked how Br [...]

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