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Who We Are

Who We Are By {author, Unlimited Who We Are - by Shanora Williams Unlimited Who We Are - by Shanora Williams - Who We Are, Who We Are Eight months That s how long it s been since Eliza last saw Gage and they both feel as if they don t deserve one another s forgiveness He screwed up She walked away without looking back They ll try an

  • Title: Who We Are
  • Author: Shanora Williams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Who We Are - by Shanora Williams, Who We Are, Shanora Williams, Who We Are Eight months That s how long it s been since Eliza last saw Gage and they both feel as if they don t deserve one another s forgiveness He screwed up She walked away without looking back They ll try and make up all the time they ve lost with one another that is until they re facing the choices of either going their separate ways or hanging on and fighting for dear lifeEight months That

Who We Are

Unlimited Who We Are - by Shanora Williams Unlimited Who We Are - by Shanora Williams - Who We Are, Who We Are Eight months That s how long it s been since Eliza last saw Gage and they both feel as if they don t deserve one another s forgiveness He screwed up She walked away without looking back They ll try an Who We Are

  • Unlimited Who We Are - by Shanora Williams
    387Shanora Williams
Who We Are

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  1. After reading I honestly loved this book I had been dying for it to come out and I just finished reading itBUT And yes I said BUT I think it could have been better I mean, the whole story seemed rushed and it didn t seem real The first book Who he is is so much better than this book which is kinda disappointing Even then, I gave this book 4 stars because I loved the characters and the book was still goodjust not AS good as the other one P.s I LOVE GAGE 3 Before reading F % I just finished readin [...]

  2. Seems like I m one of the few who didn t like this one I m quite disappointed I fell out of love with Gage he was way too spineless Spoilers ahead I just can t handle weak men, especially when they don t ever really man up unless someone s holding their hand He was still messing around with this chick who was supposedly blackmailing him Major eye roll because he at one point dragged her to get a pregnancy done to calm down rumours How miserable must he have been to still get his shlong up for a [...]

  3. For some reason I didn t like this one as much as the first one I didn t get why things ended the way it did in the first book when I new there was a solution to it all But they made things difficult for themselves When I started this book, it hurt to read any scenes with Eliza and Gage It was just painful I got annoyed by Gage, he seemed so different in the first book Now, he seemed slightly weak I understood his reasons for doing things which I applaud him for, he made sacrifices , but damn, t [...]

  4. WOW I got that feeling, that feeling I get when I m satisfied with how the book ended It was complete.Wow I m not going to keep saying wow for the rest of this review, so don t worry.The book starts off with Ellie at the FireNine concert after 8 months of not seeing Gage, she obviously still loves him but he s angry with her This girl I know she s here right now She really broke my fucking heart I fucked up she let me go I opened up to her she closed off on me He s angry and hurt that she left h [...]

  5. This was a cute series It was the typical rockstar romance I don t think anything stuck out in particular that made me want to go OH MY GOD but it very sweet and cute 3.5 FORGIVING, SHIT DISTURBING, LOVING STARS

  6. What do you do when your world crumbles down around you How do you prioritize what is important These are both questions that Gage and Eliza are facing Both worry they are making the wrong decision This is how we left our rock god Gage and the love of his life Eliza in Who He is After months apart Eliza is at one of Firenine s Concerts so she can get a ride home with Ben This girl I know she s here right now She really broke my fucking heart I fucked up she let me go I opened up to her she close [...]

  7. Despite extreme misgivings at attempting this novel after WHI, I felt that having stuck through to the end, I should continue on and finish the series The first few chapters did not instil much hope for improvement as the central characters still seem as childish and tantrum prone as before witness Gage s baffling new song at the start, written and performed to upset the listening Eliza Why A bit OTT if you ask me.On the plus side, Ms Williams seems to have learned to curb her penchant for the i [...]

  8. I obviously didn t read the same book as everyone else I hate to totally destroy an authors work since I know how much time and effort goes into writing a novel but this book was not good Gage is not a man of integity but a scared whinny baby Eliza is not well developed There were so many plot inconsistencies and at times it was hard to follow The reason behind Gage s mothers death didn t work for me and same with the sister s Obviously this author has no medical background A person dying of sta [...]

  9. Best book behind Who He Is by S Q Williams I have to say I wasn t expecting anything but what happened between Ellie and Penelope I was sooooooo waiting for it and was so happy jumping off the walls when it did I loved Ellie in this book She was so strong and bitchy I loved how much she developed as a person Gage was so sad in this book I wasn t expecting it whatsoever Roy now has my heart, he was so amazing in this book and opened so many doors He grew and showed his true side and I think it wa [...]

  10. Ms Williams, you already had my heart with Who He is and now you probably own me completely Good Lord woman you had me bawling all over again At least this time my kindle was safe You proceeded to give us of a story and the way it unraveled it was perfect What and HEA for GageEllie I LOVED IT Although I always want the Super Cunts to die, Karma played its part very well with Penelope Karma played well for others too, much needed Last but not least, Montana and Roy, FanFuckingTastic Look out sup [...]

  11. at last I ve waited too long for this why 4 stars I love the story, I really did, but for me, it s not enough.

  12. A few caveats 1 There will be spoilers in my review I will make every attempt to have them hidden within spoiler tags, but if you re going to freak if you read one then you should just stop now 2 I m not going to rate this book right now with stars Mostly because if I did, it wouldn t be very many and I don t know if a little distance may make that better 3 This review is going to be on books 1 and 2 together They are a continuation of the same story So, there s your warning.Let me start off wit [...]

  13. A Solid 4.5 StarsAhh finally Gage Grendel is back No worries ladies the ego inflated jerk only rears his ugly head very briefly Thankfully Gage got that out of his system in the first half of Who He Is instead this second installment picks up right where the last book left off After Ellie walks away, shattering Gage s heart, she must face the music literally she goes to their concert to visit her dad and she is introduced to Fire Nine s new song We Don t Give A Fuck I have to say this man defini [...]

  14. 4 to 4.5 starsI learned that our pasts and our difficulties are what makes us who we are Our heartache, suffering, and pain Gage Freakin Grendel Oh Man This man has mood swings than a PMsing woman We meet back up with him eight months after Eliza ripped his heart out and left him to follow her own dreams He is angrypissed actually But he is still drawn to her and is hurt and does not want to still want her But he does I could not be mad at him though as I could see his defense mechanisms I want [...]

  15. Every time I heard it on the radio, it was a constant reminder of what I d actually done to him I didn t want to face him again I was a coward, I was selfish, but I couldn t help it I literally ripped that boy s heart to shreds.Eliza is meeting up with her father Ben, at a Fire Nine concert, so she can ride back home with him for a visit She is nervous to see Gage again and hides out backstage trying to avoid him Then she hears his voice through the speakers as he dedicates a performance to her [...]

  16. 4.5 StarsI could not wait to get my hands on this book I ve been left on my knees like Gage at the end of Who He Is I fell in love with Gage Grendel, the lead singer lyricist for FireNine His heart was broken when Eliza White left him It wasn t an easy decision for her to make either She was just as torn, but she had set a goal to finish at the University of VA and get her art degree I admired her for sticking with the goals she had set for herself even if it was at the expense of having a broke [...]

  17. 3.5 to 4.I just feel a bit undecisive here I was really looking forward to this conclusion since I felt there was so much to the story than Who He Is Well, this book was full of so much , but geeze talk about drama and angst This book picks up with Ellie returning for a visit to her dad, coming face to face with Gage after ripping his heart out She is dead set on finding her success and making something of herselfhe is angry, bitter, and still so much in love The connection is still there, and [...]

  18. Ok Shanora has hit another grand slam HOMERUN with Who We Are OMG I was a freaking mess reading this book I laughed, I cried, My freaking emotions were all over the page At times I was pissed at Eliza and other times I was pissed at Gage I yelled atmy kindle several times Telling these charecters pull your hit together This book picks up 8 months after Eliza leaves Gage Eliza still feeling she did the right thing picking her future over Gage Gage is PISSED that Eliza just left him Then when it s [...]

  19. So I waited for Shanora to release Who We Are the entire summer, was it worth the waitHell to the YES Shanora delivered another hitI have read all of Shanora books and I fell in love with this series, its characters and the ending of their story I was so happy with out the end played out that I would that change a thing at all.Book 2 starts of 8 months laters and Gage and Eliza are both suffering from their break up, I liked the growth in Eliza and Gage Gage loves Eliza but he Penelope has contr [...]

  20. I sure missed my Gage, his hard, rippled body, the perfect sleeve of ink on his forearms, broad chest, ribs, and even his back Yes, sir I missed my boy dearly This time around Ellie and Gage are on a whole new ball field and I can say I was so upset with Gage for what he did, and I was proud of Ellie doing what she did in the beginning I think we see a new side of Gage, perhaps a desperate side No, Elize What s wrong with now I ll give you whatever you want Just tell me I mean the boy is still [...]

  21. I was so looking forward for this book to come out I loved the first one so much actually read it twice was so addicted to Eliza and Gage s story but this book I did like this book but didn t love it I felt everything was so rushed there was so many topics that kind of just finished abruptly.I found Gage very different in this book to the first one and I understand there was an awful lot going on with him but the whole Penelope thing ohhhh I just wanted to smack him he needed to get a back bone [...]

  22. I m so late on posting this but I received an ARC Copy for an honest review and that full review will be posted on smibookclub soon with Nicole Martin in the meantime after waiting a full month Who we are is finally here Us FireNine hoes were ready for Gage And for me Montana I liked Roy in book 1, thee was just something about him and after reading this I loved him just as much as Gage and Montana I cannot wait for their story, its gonna be Goooood but full review to come TeamMontana TeamRoy

  23. This book was even better than the first But you gave it a lower ranking I know I know But it was still amazing There just part of the story that dragged It was all perfect until the lake house That s when it went downhill for me The ending was not what I expected I just felt like she wanted to get over writing the book just as I wanted to be done with the book already I thought action would have happened you ll see what I m talking about once you ve read the book I love all the boys And I real [...]

  24. 5 freaking big starsg how I love love love this series, Gage n Ellie after book one, I m so glad they FINALLY have their HEA , book two was just as good as book one, at times I did want to hit Gage and tell him to grow a pair, but as the old saying is love conquers all Too f ing true

  25. Loved it I was so happy to see the characters grow so much Ellie turned into a women with confidence and an edge In the first book she was too soft and innocent and he was too much of a prick But they ended up balancing out Shanora Williams has made a loyal fan out of me

  26. Just got this this afternoon and sat here for 3 hrs straight reading it, literally haven t moved from the couch And all i can say is it was perfect

  27. UGH Such a waste of paper crappy story crappy annoying characters waste of money waste of paper to print the book waste of time in my life that I will never get back.

  28. holy fucking shit this was epic, i wanted to bitch slap penelope , yell at Gage to wake up at one point but i sooooo love Gage and i got the ending i wanted

  29. Roy was totally badass in this book I can t wait to read about him These first two books have been amazing I can t wait to see what s in store for the rest of the FireNine guys

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