Nov 30, 2021

The Bear's Hired Mate

The Bear's Hired Mate By {author, [PDF] The Bear's Hired Mate | by Û Amy Star [PDF] The Bear's Hired Mate | by Û Amy Star - The Bear's Hired Mate, The Bear s Hired Mate THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS She was willing to be hired for anything anything at all Curvy Jane Arnold was a small town girl who had moved to Las Vegas to start a new life Only problem

  • Title: The Bear's Hired Mate
  • Author: Amy Star
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Bear's Hired Mate | by Û Amy Star, The Bear's Hired Mate, Amy Star, The Bear s Hired Mate THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS She was willing to be hired for anything anything at all Curvy Jane Arnold was a small town girl who had moved to Las Vegas to start a new life Only problem was she was dead broke and desperate for a job Any job Vincent Mezzanote was a powerful billionaire bear shifter with a huge business empire based in the City Of THIS IS A COMPL

The Bear's Hired Mate

[PDF] The Bear's Hired Mate | by Û Amy Star [PDF] The Bear's Hired Mate | by Û Amy Star - The Bear's Hired Mate, The Bear s Hired Mate THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS She was willing to be hired for anything anything at all Curvy Jane Arnold was a small town girl who had moved to Las Vegas to start a new life Only problem The Bear's Hired Mate

  • [PDF] The Bear's Hired Mate | by Û Amy Star
    221Amy Star
The Bear's Hired Mate

258 thought on “The Bear's Hired Mate

  1. In a shifter mood and I came across this book it was interesting lots of twist and turns in the shifter world In this story we have Jane who has been looking for a job since she keeps getting let go at all her other jobs If she doesn t find a job she will be forced to move back to her small town that she moved away from to start with When she goes for an interview she comes across Vincent the part time owner who happens to be a bear shifter and soon might be head of his clan if his father does s [...]

  2. I love this story it s modernly hip with the tattoo parlor passion, fun with the bear shifters in Sin City, and hot with the newfound mate for the big bad bear.I was hooked in the beginning and loved everything about Jane, even her easy way of accepting things The love was hot and teasing, and it just felt so perfect The writing style was great in really showing the voices of the character at hand, and it was just cool, the world that this author made.The only reason why it s not five stars for [...]

  3. This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBoomShort and easy listen with a HEA While I liked the concept of the story, there were too many side things thrown in for such a short book I would of liked the story if all of the interactions with the women of the bear clan had been left out This would have given time to develop the story between Jane and Vincent, or time to develop the interactions with the r [...]

  4. I love where she took this bookA decision from Jane to go to Las Vegas not only changed her job but her life forever Meeting Vincent at Midnight Ink was the best thing that could have ever happened to them both when she applies for the shop manager position.Mrs Star gave the storyline and characters depth and realistic emotions and reactions It was interesting to see the surprises of the interacting clans and the paths taken to prevent war Overall I really enjoyed this book and look forward to r [...]

  5. I m fairly new to the shifter romance subgenre, but I ve already decided that I like stories that are animalistic This story, with its rival clans that sounded like the Mafia, was too civilized Also, I didn t really buy the hero Vincent s reason for fighting his destiny with his mate and within the clan I finished the audiobook because I needed something to kill time, but I wouldn t recommend it.

  6. 3.5 Bearable Star sI really enjoyed Janes attitude in this book being a little on the curvier side of things isn t always easy So when she comes across a job opportunity to be a personal assistant to someone who isn t looking at her body she jumps at the chance.Vincent didn t even know what he was getting when he hired Jane and that s putting it mildly She is the end all to be all in personal assistants she keeps him straight and with time to himself, not easy because he is in such high demand B [...]

  7. Intensely Engaging Reading by Amy STARTwists and turns in this romantic relationship between the two main characters and their struggles to communicate with each other and dealing with clan politics Learning how to navigate the emotional and timing of finding his way with her,his mate was a enjoyable experience for me Plus the sizzling hot sexy interactions will heat up your pages as you read this book I m recommending that your check it out for yourself and your own personal enjoyment.

  8. I received the book as an ARC for an honest review I so enjoyed this story Jane is a small town girl just wanting to find her place in the world were she fits in Vincent is first son of the alpha bear running Las Vegas and not wanting to find his place in his world Together they can find love and where hey belong Love Jane she is my kind of girl and Vincent is so hot Did not want to put the book down Recommend to all shifter lovers Very happy reading.

  9. Finding your pathExciting, thrilling and full of adventure in this well written story Guild leaves home to make it on her own, finally finds job that also is owned by her mate yet she doesn t know this Vincent, first son and someday clan leader knows that she is his mate but tries to put off the what is meant to be But trouble comes from another clan and timing will be crucial Well written and very entertaining to read this book.

  10. ShiftedThis was a good read I liked it because Jane was an awesome women, she knew this but life and her mother kept trying to tell her different On her final job interview in las Vegas She finally gets a job, just when she started to believe she d have to go home and listen to her mothers I told you so Midnight ink hires her Unfortunately it puts her in the cross hairs of a fore told prophecy.I d recommend it to everyone who likes bear shifters with HEA s

  11. Sometimes it takes timeSuch a good read Jane had a dream to bad no one else can see it Well one interview Vincent was on the phone when he got a scent Sometimes you just need to take the time to to sort your feelings Will be watching to see if there s any from the Mezzanotte Clan.

  12. Great story dragged outThis story like any other shifter romance has great potential However the story drags and nothing comes to fruition until the very last chapter of a stand alone book.

  13. Beautiful StoryJane and Vincent s story was interesting and beautifully written There was a lot of action, love, secrets, and funny parts I didn t put my tablet down until I completed the book.

  14. Just ok for meI generally enjoy a good were romance and this one was interesting, but not a home run for me The characters seemed a little too one dimensional and neither was extra likeable Too much subplot thrown in and I almost opted to not finish it.

  15. Good RomanceThis book was a good romance with a HEA I liked the storyline and the views on mating It kept my interest without overpowering the story with too many diff characters Warning the sex scenes are detailed and HOT HOT HOT Great job Amy Star.

  16. The Bear s Hired MateI knew they were going to kidnap her and he took too long to let her know what was going on Glad Ronan helped them or they never would have found Jane in time Very good book, definitely recommend reading.

  17. Needs minor editing, but great story overallOther than some minor editing needed to clean up a bit of rough writing, the overall story is great and worth reading I look forward to reading were ear romances.

  18. full review with screen shots will be on my blog on September 29th, 2015wp p3sIcU 34W that is the short link to the post

  19. This was an ok read It s a little different from the normal shifter romance, and had a lot to about the politics behind the clan, and the modern day aspect of the main characters.

  20. Love and bearsNice story of mates finding each other Throw in miscommunication, parental pressures and neighboring clan problems No cliffhanger and HE A.

  21. The cover is great The beginning started out great, the middle dragged, and the end seemed fast tracked to me It was ok but honestly its not one I will re read.

  22. The Bear s Hired MateReaders will enjoy this story Five stars just not enough but will do There are ups and downs in this story Thanks

  23. Love itLove it bear shifter romance and with adventure.So check it out if you like paranormal romance.Hopefully I would like to hear to come.

  24. Enjoyable readLiked the characters, good story line and fun to read Recommend for a journey with a little sugar and spice.

  25. DNF the narrative arc is screwed up which makes it difficult to read It is like there are two books that are stuck together.

  26. Borrowed this from the Kindle Prime Lending Library This was a good story I liked the main characters The story had a nice flow to it I need to go find from this author.

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