Dec 07, 2021

Rated R

Rated R By {author, ☆ Rated R ✓ Mike Leon ☆ Rated R ✓ Mike Leon - Rated R, Rated R It s crass gun porn filled with fanboy pandering action movie references Do you like action movies Do you like dark edgy hard boiled anti heroes Do you like fully automatic weapons blasting guys hea

  • Title: Rated R
  • Author: Mike Leon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle

☆ Rated R ✓ Mike Leon, Rated R, Mike Leon, Rated R It s crass gun porn filled with fanboy pandering action movie references Do you like action movies Do you like dark edgy hard boiled anti heroes Do you like fully automatic weapons blasting guys heads off How about product endorsements that are awkwardly placed between depictions of intense violence Yeah Then this book is for you It s about Sid Hansen He s a mega bIt s crass gun porn fil

Rated R

☆ Rated R ✓ Mike Leon ☆ Rated R ✓ Mike Leon - Rated R, Rated R It s crass gun porn filled with fanboy pandering action movie references Do you like action movies Do you like dark edgy hard boiled anti heroes Do you like fully automatic weapons blasting guys hea Rated R

  • ☆ Rated R ✓ Mike Leon
    179Mike Leon
Rated R

978 thought on “Rated R

  1. A truly badass and enjoyable piece of fiction It s what you d get if Deadpool and the 80 s had a child.This is one of the best books I ve ever read It s as fun and as serious as an 80 s action flick Anyone who can appreciate good gun battles, knife fights, hot female characters, mayhem, flaunting of tropes, carnage, Slayer, sarcasm and or explosions should buy this book

  2. RATED R by Mike Leon is a book you need to buy if you love R rated movies from the Eighties Movies chock full of sex, violence, immature concepts of valor, and ridiculous worldbuilding It s a loving homage to the genres formed by Arnold, slasher films, and everything else you d find at the video store back when such a concept wasn t ridiculous This was a book that pretty much encapsulates the time when I was not nearly cool enough to be who I wanted to be as a high school nerd but imagined I sec [...]

  3. Better than a movie Mike Leon.This book made the movie in my head better than Hollywood ever could Thank you Mike Leon A new fan.

  4. Once again, I only gave it 5 stars because 6 is not an option I hope this is not the final chapter of the KILL KILL KILL series Sid Hansen is my favorite character in any medium and Lily is a great addition who compliments him nicely, definitely my kind of vixen And what an ending You can take your Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, and Twilight sagas and shove em up your ass I ll stick with the KILL KILL KILL, Phineas Poe, and Hater sagas ALL FUCKING DAY

  5. Not normally the book I d choose, it was free from , and had very good reviews, so I gave it a chance I m not really the target audience of the book, which no doubt effects my view of it This book was a weird mixture of painfully realistic and bizarrely unrealistic, and that is either going to be ok with you or not I had some problems with it For example, the main female character who is only 17 is very promiscuous and has difficulty bonding with her partners, but it is explained, very plausibly [...]

  6. From the book blurb I expected this novel to be something like a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Commando or Raw Deal and nonstop action is pretty much what you get There is nothing deep in these pages, but they are a tremendous amount of mindless fun The story revolves around two teenagers Sid who s been trained from birth to be a killing machine and Lily who s trying to escape her mother s truly horrifying ex Throw in secret government programs and another super soldier and you have just e [...]

  7. Jarring and InconsistentFirst, the good The pacing is tight, the prose is solid, and the proofreading is really good.Too bad the characters are tropes, the super powers are unexplained, the powers randomly stop working, no one admits they are powers, the action is cartoon level ridiculous, and the shadow government never read the evil overlord list.Like a Tarantino movie, this is too full of itself to be good.

  8. Wuff Ever since I started reading this book, I wondered how to review it Think of that guilty pleasure movie you know you shouldn t like, but keep watching anyway This book is like that Carnage to the Nth degree, completely implausible, totally unbelievable, yet an enjoyable read, and a heck of a lot of fun too.

  9. MehBad story direction, no explanation for multiple scenes The author seems to think that the reader will just get it without any kind of backstory The sex scenes and really the whole love story arc seems rushed and thrown together It reads like a bad movie, which is kind of a joke because i think that s what the author was actually going for Pass

  10. Drive In Movie Review Wow, this book has it all, from crazy sex to rip your heart out of your chest and show it to before you die stuff Lots of firepower, extravagant violence, crazy sex, just like a drive in movie

  11. This is heinous brain candy, amped up Sid Hansen is a machine of destruction that makes Mack Bolen and Remo Williams look like the B team This is sick and funny, not for everyone, but I will check out book two If you need a break from the usual,check it out.

  12. what the quite possibly the best book I ever lived in,uh I mean read.The rest of the world had to carry on without my preoccupied ass till I finished this.Now I gotta call and see if still have a job

  13. Crazy I m giving this four stars because I m terrified of author Whoever thought this up would think nothing of hurting me for a bad review So it gets four stars.I can t wait to read the second book.

  14. B movie in printThis was just great cheesy fun.Grab a copy and enjoy a book that would have made a great movie back in the 80 s.

  15. Midnight OilGuilty pleasure at its best A perfectly great night for sleeping ruined by this action packed midnight movie violence fest.

  16. there is a joke going with the title that will be reviled towards the end of the book interesting ideas but did not relate much with the story or the characters.

  17. Its pretty much as the blurb offered unrestrained violence and movie tropes It was a humerus, well written book that I burned through pretty quickly.

  18. So, I agreed to read and review this on a whim, based on the synopsis the author posted when he offered digital copies to members of one of the GoodReads communities I m a part of Normally I write my own synopsis, but since the official one plays such a prominent role in this review because of the expectations it created , I ve decided to use it instead this time So see below Lily Hoffman is trouble The teenage video clerk is deceptively intelligent, exceedingly beautiful, and boldly prepared to [...]

  19. I won this book a couple of months ago in a giveaway Kinda I could honestly kick myself for not reading this story of awesome, awesomeness sooner Lily is a horror action movie buff who works in a video rental store Kids, this used to be a thing before netflix They were awesome Lily has had a hard life, and her life goals are a little unconventional When Sid comes in to her work looking for a job, she knows that he is different And boy is he ever Sid is a killer Like hardcore, secret agency kind [...]

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