Jan 26, 2022

Three Days in April

Three Days in April By {author, Three Days in April Best Read || [Edward Ashton] Three Days in April Best Read || [Edward Ashton] - Three Days in April, Three Days in April Anders Jensen is having a bad month His roommate is a data thief his girlfriend picks fights in bars and his best friend is a cyborg and a lousy tipper When everything is spiraling out of control t

  • Title: Three Days in April
  • Author: Edward Ashton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Three Days in April Best Read || [Edward Ashton], Three Days in April, Edward Ashton, Three Days in April Anders Jensen is having a bad month His roommate is a data thief his girlfriend picks fights in bars and his best friend is a cyborg and a lousy tipper When everything is spiraling out of control though maybe those are exactly the kind of friends you need In a world divided between the genetically engineered elite and the unmodified masses Anders is an anomaly engiAnders J

Three Days in April

Three Days in April Best Read || [Edward Ashton] Three Days in April Best Read || [Edward Ashton] - Three Days in April, Three Days in April Anders Jensen is having a bad month His roommate is a data thief his girlfriend picks fights in bars and his best friend is a cyborg and a lousy tipper When everything is spiraling out of control t Three Days in April

  • Three Days in April Best Read || [Edward Ashton]
    133Edward Ashton
Three Days in April

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  1. Three Days in April by Edward Ashton could be described as the book that brought its futuristic drug giggles to the award ceremony Meanwhile, chemicals in the air are planting tiny bombs inside everyone around them Bombs that are likely to go off before anyone knows they re infected.Three Days in April introduces two of these characters right away, both modified with DNA splicing akin to what may result if Jurassic Park didn t have such a horrific ending to their plans They re still people, thou [...]

  2. Hagerstown spielt in einem kleinen St dtchen im Osten der USA Es wird zwar keine Jahreszahl genannt, aber dem technischen und wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt kann man entnehmen, dass wir uns in der Zukunft befinden Diese Fortschrittlichkeit zieht sich durch den gesamten Alltag der Figuren, am meisten wird auf die Haus Avatare eingegangen, welche in allen H usern installiert sind und quasi das Hausmanagement bernehmen Die Menschheit hat sich in zwei Lager gespalten, es gibt die Unver nderten, also [...]

  3. It s hard not to love being part of the HarperVoyager Super Reader program Free books egalleys in return for honest reviews Yes, it s seriously that simple lol I like to give a little blurb on books that I read anyhow, just in case it helps someone decide to read a book that they would have otherwise avoided, so it s like I m getting free stuff for doing what I already do Win win Anyhow, this particular book is surprisingly good for a first novel Ashton runs us just far enough into the future to [...]

  4. This story was amazing I was highly entertained the whole time and loved the constant movement of both the characters and the storyline A techno thriller set in the near future with a focus on mixing of cyborgs, natural humans and those that had alterations done A corporation is trying to hide the events that took place with thousands dying in Hagerstown While hackers and thieves are trying to discover the truth and if there will be deaths The story is told from several perspectives Anders is g [...]

  5. This book reminded me of Matt Ruff s writing, in both style and quality Except I don t think even Ruff could pull off a multi pov first person present perspective as good as Three Days in April That s like the Iron Man triathlon of novels, yet this book is executes it so well that it reads as smooth as silk Most readers will never appreciate how difficult this feat is, but they ll still love the quirky characters, the intriguing plot, and the brilliant dialog Highly recommended

  6. I will start by saying that I am not a sci fi fan I generally don t even read books that aren t literary classics Now I will proceed to say that this book is a must read It s simultaneously brilliant, hilarious, and terrifying Ashton s characters speak in clever, sarcastic dialogue that kept me smiling and laughing while I read about the tragedy at the core of the story yes, it s a bit uncomfortable to realize this but his humor is that infectious and his writing is so smart that I did not want [...]

  7. Three Days in April is smart and funny and mind expanding and fun to read From the cross species gene splitting of the first pages to the struggle of the final pages I relaxed into the book with that welcome sense that the author is in control.One tiny comment the book is written from the viewpoint of five or six main characters, but their voices and viewpoints were all so similar that I found myself flipping back to the Table of Contents to remember whose chapter I was in That s not a problem f [...]

  8. Brilliant and creative worldbuilding helps offset a cast of characters who are interesting but not terribly sympathetic A creative, wild ride of a story that leaves you guessing A real genre bender that I d categorize as cyberpunk.

  9. Had a hard time getting into it Or, sometimes I d be into it and then it would go off in a direction and I d think, nah Not lovin it So I finished it, but it was kind of a rough ride.

  10. Hagerstown ist eine Kleinstadt bei Maine Wir befinden uns in der Zukunft, leider erz hlt das Buch nicht in welchem Jahr genau, aber die Technik ist extrem fortschrittlich Fast jeder Bewohner der was auf sich h lt hat einen sogenannten Hausavatar Sowas wie die Sprachbox Alexa von nur viel viel weiter entwickelt, diese hier ist in komplett ins Haus integriert und kann nicht nur Dinge stimmlich ausgeben sondern komplette Funktionen und Arbeiten im Haus bernehmen.Die Menschen sind in 2 Kategorien ei [...]

  11. Light hearted, fast paced, humorous, sci fi mostly comedy Fun to read, but the ending was very ab rupt and didn t seem to tie up all the plot ends Lots of implausible plot coincidences but just roll with it and have fun.

  12. AI story of conflict NET security is dominant force of good and evil Genetic mods and nano are evolving forces of chaos Anders and Terry do their best to survive in a world where total destruct could happen at any moment.

  13. Near furture science fiction where nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and personal modification runs amok The book was humorous as well as thought provoking Overall, a fun read.

  14. I found the second half hard to pay attention to This might be a personal problem, but then again, it might be the lack of a strong finish.

  15. When you peruse your library s shelves for new books and pick one at random, you don t always know what you re getting into Luckily for me, I happened upon Three Days in April, and was pleasantly surprised at this exciting cyberpunk thriller comedy from Edward Ashton For a debut novel, it s pretty solid fast paced, suspenseful, wryly amusing, thoughful, and even a little bit emotionally poignant at the end.I say cyberpunk, but there are plenty of other sci fi elements sprinkled into the novel as [...]

  16. Three Days in April by Edward AshtonThis story occurs in a relatively close future Nanotechnology is booming and people are using both nanotech and biological modification to improve them selves The destruction of a town is the first shot in a revolution but who is revolting There is friction between the altered and unaltered The altered are those who have used technology to improve themselves Whether a pretty which is enhancement for beauty or a gear head which is literal in this interpretatio [...]

  17. Edward Ashton has a very interesting concept on the battle between the genetically enhanced altered and naturally raised unaltered While the overall plot was pretty solid and put together, the changes in perspectives between the five main characters in each chapter does make everything that is happening seem much longer than only 3 days as the title implies I do not know if that was his intention as when there is a national emergency, time does seem to slow down significantly This book does prov [...]

  18. Ahoy there me mateys This book was a fun sci fi romp set in Balti, one of my oldest home ports there on the Chesapeake Bay Something causes 90% of the population of Hagerstown, Maryland to violently die simultaneously Is it a terrorist attack A plague The end of the world A group of friends and recent acquaintances must unravel the mystery and save the whole human race.This book had some truly delightful quirky characters My favorites were Terry, Anders, and Inchy The plot is silly and fast The [...]

  19. Writing a first person, multiple POV novel about transhumanism, digital gods and silicon monsters should be quite hard But Mr Ashton manages this and much in his debut novel, in what turned out to be an astounding science fiction trip through a plausible future, filled to the brim with excellent details and those small touches which prove that world building is as much crafting good characters as it is placing them in circumstances which balance the fine line between believable and utterly incr [...]

  20. Fast paced cyberpunk novella about the coming apocalypse and a showdown with the genetically mechanically altered and us regular Homo Saps I m not generally a fan of books in the first person, especially one where each chapter is from a different characters perspective But Three Days in April may have changed that.It s a fast paced, witty often hilarious dialogue interplay between characters and intriguing story, complete with multiple plots, conspiracy theories, political and economic satire Bu [...]

  21. This is a fast paced techno thriller that s super hard to put down and keeps you up way too late considering you have to work in the morning However, there s one catch Now keep in mind this could be solely due to my inability to take a hint, but I had to re read the first three chapters twice This due in no part to poor writing it just took me forever to get my arms around the style in which the book is written However once I got a firm grasp on the who s who of the situation it was on Funny, th [...]

  22. I m not entirely sure how to classify this book It was a random pickup from passing through the SF section and I really enjoyed it.An interesting world, and interesting event, reasonable interactions between the charactersn OK, a little A near future world where genetically modified humans are commonplace, everyone has an AI to run their house, major bioterror event Seriously fascinating And the author apparently does biological research by day, which might have been why none of the science cau [...]

  23. Interesting premiseThoroughly enjoyable book, though I couldn t give it a full five stars, as much as I might have wanted The narrative jumps between characters was incredibly jarring Just when I was moving along at a solid clip, really getting immersed, the perspective would change and I d have to backtrack aways to realize it The story is really interesting, and the characters are solid and likable Really liked the book, and will definitely check out by the author, but I would have enjoyed it [...]

  24. The union of tech and flesh, mass killings, government conspiracies, Big Brother This hit all my paranoia buttons, and was perhaps a bit too topical for what just happened in Orlando However, I think current events lent this book greater impact What are the rights of individuals What are the rights of the government How and when should the two intersect Maybe the characters felt a little shallow and the plot skipped around too quickly, but the themes hit home.

  25. Plenty of action, plenty of excitement, some interesting world building, some funny dialogue Three Days in April is a futuristic semi cyberpunk semi something else with a heavy dash of snark It s a lot of fun, and the pace rockets along until the rather unsatisfying conclusion Still, a lot really interesting ideas brought up about humanity, who has it and who doesn t The pseudo anthropology made me cringe a little bit, but isn t that always the way

  26. As a friend of the author all I can say is just read the book While sci fi is one of my lesser read genres I can appreciate good science fiction and I particularly enjoyed the literary references in both insults and code names.

  27. 3 1 2 stars rounded up since this is a debut novel.I found the world building scarily plausible, but I found myself laughing than a few times The plotting was brisk and twisty My only complaint is that, while it is told the viewpoint of several different characters, they sounded very much alike I sometimes forgot whose chapter I was reading.

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