Dec 07, 2021

The Bear's Unwanted Baby

The Bear's Unwanted Baby By {author, [PDF] Read ↠ The Bear's Unwanted Baby : by Amy Star [PDF] Read ↠ The Bear's Unwanted Baby : by Amy Star - The Bear's Unwanted Baby, The Bear s Unwanted Baby An Bestseller In Various Categories Just c For Limited Time Only NORMAL PRICE Getting knocked up after a one night stand was not part of Julia s life plan But sometimes you have to take what lif

  • Title: The Bear's Unwanted Baby
  • Author: Amy Star
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ↠ The Bear's Unwanted Baby : by Amy Star, The Bear's Unwanted Baby, Amy Star, The Bear s Unwanted Baby An Bestseller In Various Categories Just c For Limited Time Only NORMAL PRICE Getting knocked up after a one night stand was not part of Julia s life plan But sometimes you have to take what life throws at you and now she plans to be the best mother possible to her son Cody One thing Julia did not know was that her previous lover was actually a b An Bestseller In V

The Bear's Unwanted Baby

[PDF] Read ↠ The Bear's Unwanted Baby : by Amy Star [PDF] Read ↠ The Bear's Unwanted Baby : by Amy Star - The Bear's Unwanted Baby, The Bear s Unwanted Baby An Bestseller In Various Categories Just c For Limited Time Only NORMAL PRICE Getting knocked up after a one night stand was not part of Julia s life plan But sometimes you have to take what lif The Bear's Unwanted Baby

  • [PDF] Read ↠ The Bear's Unwanted Baby : by Amy Star
    261Amy Star
The Bear's Unwanted Baby

282 thought on “The Bear's Unwanted Baby

  1. Firstly the title is misleading, it should be The Bears Unexpected Baby because the baby is in fact very much wanted.Julie has a one night stand and when she wakes up in the morning Shane s gone, she then discovers she s pregnant, then once she s had the baby her and her best friend move out into the middle of nowhere to live in an isolated cabin, not what I d choose to do with a newborn but we re all different I suppose.Then Shane comes to the door So it s true he bellowed You had my baby How c [...]

  2. My sister read this book and all but hated it The excerpt she included in the book made me want to read it, so I did It had a rough beginning to say the least Seemed like the author just gave us a brief on the heroines life up until the baby was born It was like the book started in the middle of the story Parts of the story didn t make a lick of sense as my sister pointed out and it kind of made me laugh I was so taken with how funny it was that the Hero, Shane call his self mad at the heroine f [...]

  3. I m sad that a really great plot was ruinedThis contemporary shifter book is actually two stories First, Julia and Shane met on a hiking trail, she had a one night stand though she thought it would be , and ended up pregnant She takes the baby and her best friend, Sarah, to live in the cabin she inherited from her grandfather There, Shane shows up demanding to spend time with little Cody Over the months that follow, the 3 of them become a family unit, with love rekindling between Shane and Juli [...]

  4. Simplistic I thought it was dry I expected action and explaining on the wolves and what happened The relationship aspect was okay but I just wanted to see detail.

  5. First half of the story is about Shane and Julia, as well as their son whom everyone refers to often as The Baby, or The Child Why couldn t it be our son, or just Cody It really irked me.Second half of the story is about Skylar and Sarah.This story I liked a lot better It felt like it had meat to the story, unlike the first half.This book needed an editor and Formatter.

  6. Full of typos, half the book is double spaced and the other half single spaced, and there s a whole section that s completely repeated Proof Read What a disappointment to what should have been an ok story Oh, and the title is dumb because the baby is never unwanted It doesn t even make sense Sigh.

  7. This was OK OK in the story was good but really instead of a novel I would call this two novella s put together Shane is not the jerk I expected and I was pleasantly surprised by that However I considered the writing to be very amateur The charterers needed development and the story too It had the potential to be really good but fell flat I would say 2.5 stars.

  8. Lack of proof reading.The printer editor should have been careful with the wording and spelling For example, using know for now on several occasions Also, mixed up the two male characters Otherwise ok story for 99 cents.

  9. I wanted to give this book a 4, because I enjoyed the story But all the typos, bad spelling and poor grammar took away some of the enjoyment I, unfortunately, have gotten used to poor editing in e books This was worse than most I will read the sequel and hope for better editing.

  10. The were too many story lines going on I wish she would have focused on one and develop the plot and characters There were a lot of typos and mistakes that made it hard to follow at times.

  11. I wanted to give it stars, but couldn t connect how I thought I was For me it wasn t enough action and a little too sappy.

  12. Too slowI enjoyed the book at first but then it just became too slow for me I was not able to finish the book but you may enjoy it.

  13. I guess its okI feel the story was not as fleshed out as it could have been The second couple could have had their own story And the audio reader wasn t my fave but I thank her and the writer

  14. So after picking up The Bears Unwanted Baby because of both it s title and synopsis, in my mind I painted this angsty love story where the hero, who happened to be a bear, would reject the baby he made with the human for whatever reason until conditions proved that he was wrong and he would do every thing he could to not only get his baby back but the human woman he fell in love with Boy was my assumption 100% wrong and not even close to what the story of The Bears Unwanted Baby ended up being a [...]

  15. Oh my goodness, 262 reviewsd this author didn t think to at least verify the low ratings I will try very hard to avoid spoilers The title suggests that this baby is unwanted, totally untrue From the moment Shane saw Cody he went into full on daddy mode Shane comes off as the biggest a hole on the planet, equal only to his brother He spends months visiting this baby daily yet still refers to him as the boy Any parent would balk at that and yet Julia says nothing Both of these brothers need a pers [...]

  16. Title The Bear s Unwanted Baby A Paranormal Pregnancy Romance Author Amy StarNarrator Everly RoseReviewer Stephanie Jordan Paranormal BearShifter WolfShifter I love this NEW to me ebook I can read it or listen to it This is GREAT I was hooked from the beginning, in fact I really loved it.Ms Star writes amazingly page after page, I was glued and couldn t put this ebook down It has everything in it Betrayal, Jealousy, Revenge, Sacrifice, Love, Honesty and Steamy Hot Sex BUT NEVER WAS THE BABY UNWA [...]

  17. Julia meets Shane one day, they talk, sparks fly, and they have a magical night together The next morning, Shane is gone Julia is pregnant 5 months later, here comes baby 5 months, that s not right Not for humans, but correct for bears apparently werebears A year later, Julia returns to the cabin and the place where she met Shane While out with the baby, they spot a bear, and later that day a furious Shane comes banging on the door He has the nerve to be upset with Julia, but he s the one with s [...]

  18. Five months after her camping trip, Julia has a strong little boy baby Oh, yeah, she d had a hot night with a guy who never shared his name and was gone in the morning It wasn t only his name he d kept secret He is a bear shifter Now she is trying to deal with a little boy cub and failing.Julia, her BFF Sarah, and baby Cody happily settle in the cabin she d inherited and visited growing up Soon daddy shows up at the door How did he find them Did he really want to be a part of Cody s life What di [...]

  19. free read on Kindle It was an OK read The attempt to create a bear shifter story was OK The author jumped into the world of shifters, but lacked explanation of how the world exist It was assumed the reader should just accept it for what it was not really good for those non or first time paranormal readers There were so many missing details, especially it being a first in a series There was no world building and the combination of the dual romantic stories didn t work for this reader since it was [...]

  20. This is one of those hard to judge books The story was pretty good, if truth be told Two romances in the novel the primary one, and an unexpected one that develops between the hero s brother and the heroine s best friend It was somewhat predictable, but a lot of romance novels are, and I can deal with that My problem was common one for ebooks that are either self published or come from small houses the editing was awful I m not talking editing in the sense of continuity issues or plot holes, eit [...]

  21. Getting knocked up after a one night stand was not part of Julia s life plan But sometimes you have to take what life throws at you and now she plans to be the best mother possible to her son Cody Julia did not know her previous lover was actually a bear shifter named Shane With no way of contacting him she assumed she would never see him again and she also assumed that he would not want the baby anyway Now the baby is here and Shane has tracked her down Could the Bear s unwanted baby possibly b [...]

  22. Two bear shifter romance stories with two best friends human ladies.Julia gets pregnant with a one night stand in the woods Umm, that might be one of my worse nightmare stories But we re supposed to take it was romantic once we find out that it isn t just a one night stand but two people that grew up on the same mountain, but never formally meet.There is a cute baby, Cody who has a crazy first year of life where he meets his father, Shane, then gets kidnapped, almost ritually sacrificed and then [...]

  23. I honestly don t know how to rate this book I didn t quite enjoy it but I finished it This felt like two books, well two novellas because at exactly 50% of the book one story ends and another one begins and didn t like either one When it comes to plots this book doesn t have a strong one and everything was super rushed that there was no character development It all fell flatFor some reason I didn t like Sara and she s not as funny or snarky as she thinks she is Skyler I didn t like at all at fir [...]

  24. In my opion it was a simple read and yet I really enjoyed it Yes it is a misleading title it should be called THE BEARS WANTED BABYIt was fast and easy and although you think you are only getting Shane and Julia s story, it also includes another story of her friend Sarah which is just fantastic I loved Cody and that story but for some reason I really enjoyed the story of light if at all spoiler his brother and I was just so happy with that extra story The POVs were a bit out of Wack you had to r [...]

  25. There are actually two stories in this one book and the stories are interesting the first story Julia and her son Cody have settled into a cabin with her friend Sarah Julia is a single mom She had a one night stand on a camping trip and Cody was the result.Seems that Cody is a shifter baby and she discovers this by the dad seeing him and he shows up at their cabin Shane was shocked to say the least and once he discovered the baby he was happyat is until the baby is kidnapped.Sarah Skylar is the [...]

  26. A refreshing story that kept me I haven t come across a book that has had the character dynamics as this book has Readout was like an opening of a peddle of a flower bud telling you bits and pieces of Julia s life and thoughts You weren t given much about Shane other than what information he gave to Julia at the first of the story but it made me want to find out I wanted to know if they would become a family and why Shane had so many secrets from Jullia and Sara It is a great book

  27. I recieved this book as an ACR for an honest review Julia had a one night stand while out hiking in the woods Shane has followed Julia since she was little and when the opportunity to meet her and spend time with her happens he takes it Nine months later baby When Shane finds out, like for them changes I recommend this book for all shifter lover It is a wonderful story Happy Reading.

  28. Unplanned pregnancy from camping out.Getting back to nature, birds and bees seem to just happen Best friends handle motherhood for a year before getting back to the cabin The animals start come out Learning about bears and wolves, brothers invade the best friends to being a different future Vengeance will be let go in the end Both find love Read to see all the ups and downs in this well written story.

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