Dec 02, 2021

The Real Deadwood

The Real Deadwood By {author, Í The Real Deadwood ✓ John Edward Ames Í The Real Deadwood ✓ John Edward Ames - The Real Deadwood, The Real Deadwood The Black Hills of the Dakota Territory sacred grounds for the Lakota and one of the richest sections of land the world has ever known With easy color ripe for the taking the population of the gold

  • Title: The Real Deadwood
  • Author: John Edward Ames
  • ISBN: 9781596090316
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback

Í The Real Deadwood ✓ John Edward Ames, The Real Deadwood, John Edward Ames, The Real Deadwood The Black Hills of the Dakota Territory sacred grounds for the Lakota and one of the richest sections of land the world has ever known With easy color ripe for the taking the population of the gold rush town of Deadwood jumped from about eight hundred to over ten thousand as over a million dollars of gold was pulled from the ground between June and July of WiThe Black Hil

The Real Deadwood

Í The Real Deadwood ✓ John Edward Ames Í The Real Deadwood ✓ John Edward Ames - The Real Deadwood, The Real Deadwood The Black Hills of the Dakota Territory sacred grounds for the Lakota and one of the richest sections of land the world has ever known With easy color ripe for the taking the population of the gold The Real Deadwood

  • Í The Real Deadwood ✓ John Edward Ames
    370John Edward Ames
The Real Deadwood

181 thought on “The Real Deadwood

  1. Offensively dumb short history of Deadwood Complains Calamity Jane only died of inflamed bowels instead of something exciting and suggests there were so many murders in Deadwood because everyone was bored The author s primary interests appear to be prostitutes and Will Bill Hickock s moustache.

  2. This book claims to give the stories behind the characters of the TV series Deadwood It is written in a style that seemed dumbed down to me, like maybe it was written for an adult who reads at a fourth grade reading level I got it from BookMooch, so I m ok with the fact that it wasn t such a great book, but I m sure glad I didn t pay for it.

  3. This book is gift shop gold Bought it in South Dakota, love the show, the book was overpriced and light on information Do i regret reading it No But not really worth buying.

  4. I m starting this review with a disclaimer that I bought this as a souvenir on vacation to Deadwood That being said I wasn t expecting a New York Times bestseller from a gift shop But I thought it was really good I was hoping for history and details It was a little generic for me I wanted history of the actual historical characters of the lawless west And I could have done without all of the references to the HBO show But I was pretty impressed for a souvenir gift shop book Unrelated Might sta [...]

  5. This was a quick read I didn t like how the author kept referring to the HBO series throughout the book It took away from the information That being said, this was a good starter to the history of Deadwood the variety of characters that roamed her streets, saloons, brothels.

  6. Having read a lot of books on the history of the wild west and old west , I was attracted to this book because its subtext sounded interesting I wasnt aware there was a tv drama series called Deadwood, and since the book instantly starts making references to it, I was initially very confused The author doesnt give any introduction to the tv series, he just assumes you know about it which I didnt and also assumes youre interested in it which I wasnt The references to the tv series continue consis [...]

  7. I got the Kindle edition of this book on rental from the New York Public Library and enjoyed it thoroughly It aims to serve as an entry point to the Real Deadwood and its history for those who have seen HBO s Deadwood and are interested in going deeper and introducing themselves to the real historical figures behind the characters It does well at that It s a quick read at 176 large type wide margined pages but in those pages it covers a LOT, including every major and minor historical figure behi [...]

  8. An absolute must to accompany watching the HBO series Deadwood I so enjoy learning the history that inspired the tv show, but also how it distorted or veered from the facts Plus it covers many famous visitors and other Deadwood citizens like Mark Twain, America s first woman detective, Kate Warne, and Deadwood Dick Nat Love an African American cowboy 1 in 4 cowboys were african American I enjoyed learning about the horrors of gold prospecting, the hard facts on medicine, saloon life, crime, the [...]

  9. So far, it s good stuff Ames seems up to the challenge of looking close and clearly into an area of America s fairylands At every turn of the page, I expected a foible, some stumble toward the fable of the frontier So far, that expectation has been befuddled by clear explanations or a fair gleening of facts garnered through the media that was present.If you are reading this, you should know that there are many references to the TV series Deadwood The author usually gives you a head up on that.

  10. I guess if you watched the television show, this book might be an interesting text to compare the characters you ve been watching vs the actual people As someone who just wanted to know about the history and people of Deadwood this book was a let down Especially with all of the author s asides and opinions about the actors actresses playing particular roles I don t give a damn that Mr Ames thinks Timothy Olyphant is too handsome to play Seth Bullock.

  11. Brings alive all the great historical characters of Deadwood, South Dakota in the Black Hills from Wild Bill Hickok to Sheriff Seth Bullock Calamity Jane to Frontier Medicine.Fast, easy read, and Ames uses the HBO series, Deadwood, as a frequent backdrop and reference point According to Ames, HBO got its history and characterization dead on for Deadwood A great guide book to visiting the Black Hills and to watching Deadwood

  12. Nice primer book about Deadwood for those who might just like a quick, thorough overview This book does reference the tv show a lot, so it almost feels like it should be directly associated with it as like an official companion If you want deep, new information I would suggest looking elsewhere If you want something quick to get a general understanding of the city and the times, this is a good choice.

  13. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone that has watched the HBO Series of Deadwood It draws the ties between truth and fiction, but also gives the reader real accounts of other events and scenarios going on around town during the same era Fast, easy read and a great choice when traveling through Deadwood after watching the HBO Series.

  14. If you re a fan of the Deadwood hbo series this book is a nice little companion read, but it s nothing special It provides brief biographies of a few of the characters real life counterparts, but I only found those of Al Swearengen and Seth Bullock interesting as much has been better written about Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane elsewhere.

  15. More of a 2.5 really, this takes a look at the real lives of the town and people on Deadwood which this assumes familiarity with and provides a bit of background colour Not much though, and I would have preferred something a lot in depth, but it did also provide some pointers for further reading.

  16. I really enjoyed the book and read it at night before I went to sleep I think it would be excellently suited for a middle school history project The stories are good and the information is interesting but it just wasn t as riveting as I have found other books about this subject.

  17. I finished this book in just over an hour In addition to wide margins, larger type and wide line spacing, it merely glossed over a lot of different information without going into detail on anything I was hoping for some substantial reading, even with the scant 163 pages.

  18. A good book to introduce readers to the various characters and traits of Deadwood It mostly just compares the TV show to reality and thus isn t suitable for those interested in proper research However for those who ve seen the show and want to get an idea of how accurate it is, this is ideal.

  19. This book was about what I expected It was a light read in which the author writes about the Deadwood show compared to the historical Deadwood.

  20. Loved the HBO series and got this book Good history on the real life cast of characters that inspired the show.

  21. fascinating look at behind the scenes of the real Deadwood, the heroes villians, and everyday people, fascinating history of the rough and tumble West

  22. This book serves as a guide to the most basic facts, not at all in depth.It references the HBO series Deadwood so often at first I thought I purchased a book based on the series.

  23. Interesting enough, but the book is about the people of Deadwood, not any of the important events that made the town historic.

  24. This book was a very basic, summarized read I learned a little bit about my favorite South Dakota Black Hills legends, but its brevity left me wanting much .

  25. Sufficient in clarifying the differences between the HBO TV series and the history behind it, but a little sparse and hurried for my liking.

  26. This book was so poorly edited that it was almost painful to read Many interesting anecdotes had clumsy references made to a Deadwood TV show which I d never heard of before reading this book.

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