Nov 30, 2021

Bitch Planet #2

Bitch Planet #2 By {author, Unlimited Bitch Planet #2 - by Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro Unlimited Bitch Planet #2 - by Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro - Bitch Planet #2, Bitch Planet Now framed for murder INSIDE the prison Kam is offered leniency if she ll train her crew for a death sport bout against a visiting team of male prisoners From Best Writer Eisner nominee KELLY SU

  • Title: Bitch Planet #2
  • Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Bitch Planet #2 - by Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro, Bitch Planet #2, Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro, Bitch Planet Now framed for murder INSIDE the prison Kam is offered leniency if she ll train her crew for a death sport bout against a visiting team of male prisoners From Best Writer Eisner nominee KELLY SUE DeCONNICK PRETTY DEADLY Captain Marvel and VALENTINE DeLANDRO X Factor with colorist CRIS PETER CASANOVA

Bitch Planet #2

Unlimited Bitch Planet #2 - by Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro Unlimited Bitch Planet #2 - by Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro - Bitch Planet #2, Bitch Planet Now framed for murder INSIDE the prison Kam is offered leniency if she ll train her crew for a death sport bout against a visiting team of male prisoners From Best Writer Eisner nominee KELLY SU Bitch Planet #2

  • Unlimited Bitch Planet #2 - by Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro
    251Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro
Bitch Planet #2

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  1. As I mentioned on my Saga 25 Review, I fucking love Wednesdays, also known as new comic book day Firstly and yes, I realize I m pushing this hard, but it s only because I feel vehemently about this issue you should head over and check out my Bitch Planet 1 Review where I rant at and berate he who dubbed the term Man hating fem nazi, and advocate for open mindedness and as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, a marriage of the two sexes I use the word enough and fuck a lot Or at least I used the word fuck [...]

  2. SO MUCH BETTER I was pretty torn on the first issue of this series I liked the premise but wasn t in love with the message overwhelming the story This second issue does a much better job interesting the reader in the story of these non compliant women Issue 2 picks up with Kamau Kogo who has been blamed for Marian s death in the prison The powers that be offer Kam the opportunity to put together a team of women to fight for what appears to be entertainment purposes I m a sucker for ridiculous pr [...]

  3. I want to read a true gender equality story One with strong females and strong males, where the females stick up for men and women and the men stick up for both men and women Becuase THAT S equality.This story most certainly does not represent equality, and it does a melodramatic way of portraying the struggle of some in America, a first free world Sooo much oppression here right I think the story is pretty interesting but the premise is just so exaggerated I assume this is supposed to represent [...]

  4. The first issue did not impress me much, but I decided to give the second a fair shot I am officially still not impressed In this reverse Stepford Wives meets Hunger Games comic I have yet to find an interesting character or original idea Marketing it as a feminist comic was such a smart move I am sure it will do well, but in a world full of amazing comic books I do not have time to read mediocre ones Maybe it will translate better to me in trade and I may try that one day, but for now this is c [...]

  5. I love this comic I ve never read a comic issue by issue before so I m starting to see the advantage of having a lot of time to let each piece of the story settle before I move on to the next AND The feminist essays at the end of every issue So important.

  6. Alright, so now we ve got a Bitch Planet hunger games going on The art and premise are great, but I still haven t really caught on I m not sure I really understand what s going on Maybe that s on me, but I find it a little unclear.

  7. This is so freaking badass and smart and subversive and just everything The essay in the back this time is A , too.

  8. Okay, it s still pretty expositional, but we re getting into some character stuff Kam, our protagonist, is actually pretty cool She was an athlete before getting arrested and shipped off to Bitch Planet, and the authorities some kind of council, I think are offering her a lighter sentence if she ll pick a team to compete in some sort of sports match The style of art and writing is a bit confusing, but I m still optimistic.

  9. Originally posted on my blog The Writer s InkwellI ll admit it I saw the title and I couldn t help but request to read this comic And I did, I made it about halfway through issue two when I realized if I m uncomfortable reading something, I don t have to finish reading it.So why was I uncomfortable There were a few reasons The concept I ll admit, the concept is interesting But the idea that men would truly come to rule the world and force non complaint women to be imprisoned on a planet in what [...]

  10. I read this book, because I read the first one and wanted to see where the series goes in book 2 It is very short If I had paid for this instead of borrowed it I would be disappointed The plot moves on a bit from book one, but not much.The occupants of Bitch Planet are actually imprisoned women and the guards that monitor them You are introduced to this and the questionable nature of some of the incarcerations in the first book Some of the women do seem to be criminals while others are simply wo [...]

  11. I LOVE THIS SERIES I was sad that there weren t scenes with Penny because come on, who doesn t love Penny in this series but the 3rd issue is all about her, so I guess it s ok I really want to know what exactly is going on with this Megaton deal And I m excited to see where this whole tribe idea on Bitch Planet goes.I particularly love the last few pages of the story In the background, Penny starts something with a guard, and as the story goes on and women get in on this brawl It just looks s [...]

  12. So much yes Issue 2 shows us of what the man is up to and how Kam s getting roped into his grand plan We gain a bit insight into her, Violet, and Meiko while Penny gets to kick booty in the background Seriously, who are these woman on board with the compliance Loving, loving, love it all The back matter continues to deliver with another great essay as well as evidence of actual real tattoos on real fans that decided after a single issue to brand themselves non compliant wowzers Also, failed to [...]

  13. Ok, it s been like a year since I picked up issue 1 of Bitch Planet and I m kind of ashamed that it took me so freaking long to get to the second one, because I really enjoyed the first one But, I finally got to it, so whatever I think I m a little disappointed in this issue because I feel like it didn t move things ahead very much at all I wasn t expecting leaps or anything, but maybe just a tiny bit , if you know what I mean Regardless, I still liked this issue and I still really want to conti [...]

  14. So far, the first two issues have been gradually building up to the main plot line We haven t really gotten an in depth look at the main characters yet, but I can t wait to see where this goes I love how the back pages read like a magazine not only do you get a message from DeConnick typical reader questions, but also an essay that deals head on with feminism by a guest writer and a tongue in cheek back cover designed like a page of old school newspaper ads on the patriarchy Reading this comic f [...]

  15. In Bitch Planet 2, Deconnick opens with Kamau Kogo, who has attention on her than she d prefer This issue gives of a day by day look at life on BP, with some great details from DeLandro re Violet s Proposal The essay by Tasha Fierce is something I d love to give to people afraid to use the f word because that double standard is real There s this idea of what a feminist should look like, and Fierce uses the recent example of back pedaling by Katy Perry while also touching on the apparently surp [...]

  16. Now that we re into the major narrative proper, I m still loving it Hard At first I had a twinge of Oh dear, hunger games, but let s face it the idea of ritual combat and collective emotional purging have been around a lot longer than the contemporary dystopian landscape, so I ll let it slide if it s well executed Which it is Amusing side note I offered to pick up this subscription myself, but the darling BFF wouldn t allow it it makes him happy, he says, to buy comics for me That sound you hear [...]

  17. Even though I find single issues don t quite have enough for me, I ve decided this is going to be the first comic I read in singles Partly because I m feeling impatient for the next installment, but mainly because each issue comes with an essay in the back by an amazing writer about something to do with feminism The trades won t have those, and in both the issues I ve read so far they ve been the best thing shaping what I ve just read and making me think wider about some of the issues As it s on [...]

  18. Edit 12.19.15 Much better This issue is better than the first More focus on story and character development, less on message establishment Maybe now I can go back a third time and read all the author extras and publisher extras the added in Bonus for being a smallish local business.Original Was expecting humor, less serious Will give it another try after I receive 1.

  19. In the last issue I said that it felt too short and here I have the same problem.Few panels and it s over, I found out nothing much new 30 pages, 21 out of them being the actual comic, idkHowever, I truly like how they portray Kamau Kogo this powerful, athletic, strong minded woman I want to see of her and other women alike.

  20. I definitely think this is a stronger issue than the first We re getting a lot personality from our main characters and interaction between the women in the prison I can see some sort of where the plot is going to go now, which made me a bit weary in the first issue but they can pull out all the stops in the beginning And now to issue three

  21. This series is so badass Each of the covers are fantastic, and this is no exception The writing, as usual, is solid and intelligent The art has a unique retro modern feel to it that goes perfectly with the story The characters are interesting and amusing Reading the essays in the back are always a treat I d recommend this even to people who aren t comic readers.

  22. This series is fantastic I absolutely love the set up, it s like Orange is the New Black meets The Hunger Games IN SPACE WITH FEMINISM AND AWESOME DIVERSE CHARACTERS AND ALL THAT IS GOOD Seriously, I hate X meets Y reviews, but this is so delightful and really warms my girl power heart I highly recommend

  23. Issue 2 feels like of a set up for things to come than a self contained issue, but I still enjoyed every page I was surprised when it ended and wished there was , which certainly isn t a bad thing I enjoyed the column at the end of this installment as well Keep em coming

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