Dec 09, 2021

The Gardener's Year

The Gardener's Year By {author, The Gardener's Year Best Download || [Karel Čapek Josef Čapek] The Gardener's Year Best Download || [Karel Čapek Josef Čapek] - The Gardener's Year, The Gardener s Year It is seldom that a practical guide to gardening attains the level of a literary masterpiece still seldom that a book on gardening can amuse and instruct even those who have no garden to plant nor th

  • Title: The Gardener's Year
  • Author: Karel Čapek Josef Čapek
  • ISBN: 9780826486257
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback

The Gardener's Year Best Download || [Karel Čapek Josef Čapek], The Gardener's Year, Karel Čapek Josef Čapek, The Gardener s Year It is seldom that a practical guide to gardening attains the level of a literary masterpiece still seldom that a book on gardening can amuse and instruct even those who have no garden to plant nor the faintest interest in acquiring one The Gardener s Year is a charismatic product of Karel Capek s genius amusing informative and full of a quizzical interest in peIt is seldom t

The Gardener's Year

The Gardener's Year Best Download || [Karel Čapek Josef Čapek] The Gardener's Year Best Download || [Karel Čapek Josef Čapek] - The Gardener's Year, The Gardener s Year It is seldom that a practical guide to gardening attains the level of a literary masterpiece still seldom that a book on gardening can amuse and instruct even those who have no garden to plant nor th The Gardener's Year

  • The Gardener's Year Best Download || [Karel Čapek Josef Čapek]
    116Karel Čapek Josef Čapek
The Gardener's Year

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  1. originally published in czechoslavakia in 1929, karel apek s the gardener s year is a charming, whimsical, and amusing little book about the joys and frustrations of gardening known best for his early science fiction novels as well as for coining the word robot , apek wrote widely about a number of different subjects with a varied background often veering into the political realm , apek s many interests must have cross pollinated one another and enriched whatever he happened to be writing about [...]

  2. Just recently, I discovered the Modern Library Gardening Series Michael Pollan, series editor which published from what I can tell only eight classic gardening books in its series from 2002 2003 I m not sure why there are not than eight, to be honest, but at least there are these and I m thankful Capek, for those who do not know him, was a Czech writer 1890 1938 who is remembered in literature for his science fiction he coined the term robot than this short treatise on gardening, but he has non [...]

  3. Cronaca di una mania apek me l ha fatta ancora con questo siamo a tre libri notevolissimi su tre i precedenti, per la cronaca, il genialeLa guerra delle salamandre e la raccolta deiRacconti tormentosi.Stavolta mi sono trovato a leggere, con indubbio divertimento, una raccolta di feuilleton originariamente pubblicati su un importante quotidiano ceco, che mi hanno permesso di seguire, mese per mese, le attivit di un cultore del giardinaggio cittadino No, non un manuale che vi aiuter a ottenere un [...]

  4. Beautiful, positive, hopeful, witty and wonderful Anyone who endures the trials and tribulations as well as the serene tranquility and beauty gardening can bring will enjoy this book If you can t get out to garden, this is the next best thing.

  5. Don t be deceived by the gentle prose these are the ravings of a madman Capek really captures the ornery obsession that gardening brings out in people It is done like this you buy any bulbs you like, and from the nearest gardener you get a sack of nice compost then you look for all the old flower pots in the cellar and in the loft, and put one bulb in each At last you find that you still have some bulbs, but no flower pots You buy pots, and then you discover that you have no bulbs, but pots and [...]

  6. It is only an optical illusion that my flowers die in autumn for in reality they are born We say that Nature rests, yet she is working like mad She has only shut up shop and pulled the shutters down but behind them she is unpacking new goods, and the shelves are becoming so full that they bend under the load This is the real spring what is not done now will not be done in April The future is not in front of us, for it is here already in the shape of a germSometimes we seem to smell of decay, enc [...]

  7. In fact, I think I wouldnt appreciate any other version but original czech one Its not only story itself, but the form It is something absolutely amazing, how he can play with language The act of reading was like listening to beautiful serenade.

  8. The best thing of all is to be a living man that is, a man who grows This happy little quote, straightforward and simple and profound, could sum up this wonderful little book.

  9. While I have wanted to read Karel apek for a considerable amount of time, I never guessed that I would begin exploring his universe through this short piece on gardening I have little to no interest in gardening whatsoever, but when I stumbled across a copy in a hostel in Dresden, I figured that a piece of literature devoted solely to gardening was an interesting experiment in itself that, plus the introduction by Michael Pollan added to the juiciness of the bait Best described as a literary ess [...]

  10. The lengthy quotation by William really summarizes this witty and thoughtful book It has the frenetic sense of Eastern European writing along with the sense of the gardener Written in the early 1920 s, it is the picture of a lost era, but seems contemporary to the mad gardener in me.

  11. This is very charming, often humorous, and the writer communicates the essential angst of everyday gardening quite well Hard to relate to in terms of practical gardening experience, but entertaining Maybe just a bit thin.

  12. I gave this as a gift to both my father in law and mother for Christmas 2008 I started reading it at the Van Ripers house and continued at the Weavers after my mother opened her copy It s a small offering but to my great disappointment I wasn t able to finish it what with all the festivities going on The Gardner s Year is a tiny, sparkling gem The book was written in the Czech playwright s native language and this meditation on gardening is witty, graceful and precious I adore all the unique wor [...]

  13. Although I am a rather clumsy gardener and I am plagued by rabbits and gophers and deer oh my , I do share Capek s enthusiasm for gardening.I re read this book every year It inspires me and gives me solace in the long dark days of Winter This is a light hearted introduction to the work of Karel Capek, one of the best European writers from the last century.

  14. If you like to garden this is a classic It should be made into a radio program because it is entertaining I know just the voice I would use Erik Bauersfield.

  15. Charming and humorous book about gardening Moderately delightful Gently soothing Thoughtfully light High fluffy clouds.Interest in gardening not required.

  16. Lovely, funny little book I like the month by month and topical chapter format Will return to this periodically I think it might be great to read aloud in bits.

  17. Audiobuch Rezension Karel apek 1890 1938 war einer der bedeutendsten tschechischen Schriftsteller des 20 Jahrhunderts Das Jahr des G rtners Originaltitel Zahradn k v rok, 1929, erstmals 1932 ins Deutsche bersetzt schildert augenzwinkernd bis satirisch monatsweise die Ereignisse eines G rtners im heimischen Garten Dabei merkt man dem Werk sein Alter nicht an, vielleicht sind die Obsessionen, Freuden und Verzweiflungen des G rtner einfach zeitlos Allerdings muss man wohl auch die entsprechende Beg [...]

  18. Maybe the biology shelf is a bit exaggeratedI loved this funny and sweet satire about a gardeners life If you ever had a garden, you will enjoy the reflections of Karel Capek, even though they are from 1929 He goes through the existential dilemma of a gardener during the months of the year and has some chapters about the essential stuff such as the weather, the earth, the seeds etc At times his text nears poetry, full of love for the miracle of nature Wonderful.

  19. Karel apek in okudu um ilk kitab Uzun zamand r okumak istedi im bir yazard , t rk eye evrilmi di er kitaplar n da k sa zaman i inde okumay d n yorum Espri anlay n ok sevdim, kitab n o u yerinde sesli g ld m Alt k rk be yay nlar ndan kan bask s n okudum ok garip bir ekilde kitab n hi bir yerinde evirmenin ad yazm yordu Ve san r m orijinali olan ek e yerine ingilizceden eviriydi Yine de dilinden ok b y k bir keyif ald m.Ve bir may s hakk ndaki u b l m ok ho uma gitti, unutmamak i in buraya kopyal [...]

  20. This review was originally written for The Garden Bloggers Book club My company sent me to a seminar in Manhattan earlier this month The seminar, on management techniques, was excellent The commute was a nightmare I am accustomed to just hopping into my car and driving for 20 minutes during non rush hours I work from 4 PM to midnight For three days I was forced to endure two hours of trains and taxis each way Compounding my misery was the weather 14 F 10 C each morning as I stood shivering on an [...]

  21. This is an utterly charming book about what it s like to be a gardener, all the little pleasures, annoyances, frustrations, quirks, habits and obsessions that don t make any sense to non gardeners, but that any gardener will read and nod in recognition at, regardless of experience or lack of it It s also nice to know that the cult of gardening is the same the world over whether you re English like me, or Czech like writer Karel Capek or his illustrator brother Josef, we all have the same anxieti [...]

  22. Entertaining and humorous thoughts on what it means to be a gardener with cute illustrations by the author throughout that remind me of Thurber Lots of great aphorism material in here that gardener s will appreciate The life of a gardener is full of change and active will A real gardener is not a man who cultivates flowers he is a man who cultivates the soil and the opening line There are several different ways in which to lay out a little garden the best way is to get a gardener Capek s style i [...]

  23. Even if you are not a gardener, this book is a delight for its depiction of the peculiar joys and torments of those who do love to sink their fingers into good soil and yes, we gardeners never call it dirt dirt is what you wash out of your clothes soil is a living organism He also tells it with kindness and humor The author, gentle learned soul, was murdered along with millions of others in the camps of WWII, and so it is dear to me also because it shows, 70 years after the end of that debacle, [...]

  24. Where to start on this one If you are not a gardener this won t inspire, and if you garden or not it won t improve your skill If, however, the love of gardens is deep in your heart, if you are one of those lucky ones that grok that life is a subset of gardening not the other way around then Capek s style and insight will deliver a whopping payload in a very small book.

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