Dec 09, 2021

Serpent's Reach

Serpent's Reach By {author, ✓ Serpent's Reach ✓ C.J. Cherryh ✓ Serpent's Reach ✓ C.J. Cherryh - Serpent's Reach, Serpent s Reach The constellation of Hydrus known as the Serpent is compact and obscure as seen from Earth s sky Even in the great era of interstellar colonization it remained obscure For ti was under strict quaran

  • Title: Serpent's Reach
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780879975548
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Serpent's Reach ✓ C.J. Cherryh, Serpent's Reach, C.J. Cherryh, Serpent s Reach The constellation of Hydrus known as the Serpent is compact and obscure as seen from Earth s sky Even in the great era of interstellar colonization it remained obscure For ti was under strict quarantine harboring an intelligent race powerful alien and inhuman Yet there were human colonies within the Serpent s Reach cut off from the galaxy beyond with their own inThe constella

Serpent's Reach

✓ Serpent's Reach ✓ C.J. Cherryh ✓ Serpent's Reach ✓ C.J. Cherryh - Serpent's Reach, Serpent s Reach The constellation of Hydrus known as the Serpent is compact and obscure as seen from Earth s sky Even in the great era of interstellar colonization it remained obscure For ti was under strict quaran Serpent's Reach

  • ✓ Serpent's Reach ✓ C.J. Cherryh
    376C.J. Cherryh
Serpent's Reach

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  1. I read lots of sci fi in my Lost Youth, but fell away from it once I went to university I discovered Cherryh in grad school took Serpent s Reach home one random Friday nightd was enthralled Here was sci fi that was austere, cold, well crafted, with characters that had depth and intelligence and plots that weren t allowing for aliens and interstellar travel just silly or trivial Cherryh wrote about what happens to human societies interacting with the truly alien, about politics in an alien key Se [...]

  2. Serpent s Reach is an early CJ Cherryh novel Published in 1980, it s one of the earlier stories in the Alliance Union universe The Morgaine Cycle and The Hanan Rebellion were published previously, but The Company Wars and Chanur come afterward.It does read like an early novel if you are familiar with Cherryh There isn t the level of psychological exploration in the characters that is normally present, but there are the seeds of it Lots of maneuvering by characters though.This might be a fair nov [...]

  3. This novel is set in the far future of the aftermath of the Company Wars The Serpents Reach is a small section of space that is centered on one planet intially where a alien life form is found that is ant like in nature but possessing intelligence Only one group of humans are allowed to interact with them and they form the Kontrin Company to interact and eventually trade with the aliens, called majat The Kontrin become the de facto rulers of the Serpents Reach and the story is about 800 years af [...]

  4. Incredible concept of evolved insects w a collective consciousness, and their approach to being colonized As collective consciousnesses, the four hives are four ENTITIES, who had different responses to the protohumans that colonized them I say protohumans of the Kontrin b c IMO the closest resemblance to us in that universe are their creation called the betas, who in turn made the azi but that s just how I M reading it Quick read, and well worth the time.

  5. Highly trippy If you like films like Inception, you ll love it If not it ll seem like an odd trip into the 1970s.

  6. Cool premise, I d guess that Ann Leckie probably read this before writing the Ancillary novels Sadly, the story kind of falls apart in the end.

  7. Read 1993, re read 2017 One of the classic Cherryhs, written before she got the idea that a 300 page story needs 600 pages to tell.

  8. The Hydri or Serpent s Reach are a cluster of stars virtually quarantined from the rest of the Alliance for the best part of seven hundred years Human traders first contact with the native Majat race, a giant ant like hive species, had disastrous effects, before the Kontrin family established a colony based on the sharing of technologies.The Kontrin enabled the Majat to travel in space from their home world Cerdin, whereas the Majat, as a hive mind species with a collective consciousness, enable [...]

  9. My very first C J Cherryh novel What a pleasant surprise when I happened to stumble upon this gem of a story Not only was I treated to a rather good story of revolution and considerations of self awareness, but it also introduced me to her, quite extensive, Alliance Union universe.The cool thing about Cherryh s universe is that the stories both are insular and connective at the same time Each can be read for the most part separately from the others, however, once you gain a thorough understandi [...]

  10. I picked this one up on a whim, knowing little other than the blurb on the back cover, which was all about revengeThe setting for Serpent s Reach was even interesting than I thought, since it s all about the relationship between humans who ve been settled on this particular series of planets, way beyond the edge of what is otherwise explored space, and the insectoid hive mind inhabitants of those planets These particular humans are all but immortal, gatekeepers of the things the insectoids make [...]

  11. This is a mini epic of the far future Serpent s Reach, a section of space, has been isolated from human colonized space for 700 years The insect like majat are native to this region They have permitted an elite population of descendants of the original explorers to remain, and treated so that they are nearly immortal There is also a controlled population of genetically modified humans The majat trade with human worlds through a single planetary spaceport.The book begins with the assassination of [...]

  12. I love CJ Cherryh, and have never read anything of hers that I didn t like This book is no exception While I found myself confused at times over what exactly was happening especially as the war began although this could be partially beause I m dreadful at imagining any type of battle scene , I found the premise of the book, and the Majat, utterly fascinating I also love anything Cherryh writes with the azi in it they make you wonder what exactly it means to be human in the first place This book [...]

  13. Another one that I have really enjoyed from CJ Cherryh This time, a blend of human and very alien relationships, along with revenge, family reprisals, and some intense action sequences For the complete review, please go here epinions review Serpen

  14. This is a convoluted novel of miscommunication and political maneuvering where nothing is ever exactly spelled out a fantastic read It has a compelling fascinating plot two species barely managing to coexist together, full of assumptions and misunderstandings, struggling to overcome deeply held inculcated beliefs.

  15. A gritty vengeance novel Raen is on a trip to seek out and kill those who have murdered the people she loved Since her clan was massacred, Raen has grown disenchanted with her own superior race and seeks to bond with lesser species in a quest for revenge Has she sacrificed the last slivers of her humanity and empathy

  16. I destroyed this book by reading it It was a yellowed paperback with a sticker on the front reading FRANKLINS 55c The cover came off, and then the mouldy spine fractured, page by page But it was a FREAKIN AMAZING READ I would willingly murder another copy of this book in order to read it again Raen Meth Maren may be my new favourite strong women character in all of science fiction.

  17. I think things have changed in books since 1980 The first 16 pages is a massive info dump followed a tedious step by step of no surprises at all I m going to reread Hammerfall now so I dive into its sequel.

  18. One of many novels in Cherryh s Alliance Union universe, set somewhere in the middle of its history Not having read the predecessing novels, I didn t get much out of it though it is stand alone in the sense of not requiring prior knowledge.

  19. It is about 20 years since I first read this and it has dated over the years but not too badly and I would still give it 5 stars and maybe read it again in another 20 years This time I did notice the similarity in the dominant woman, passive man relationship with the Morgaine Chronicles.

  20. An enjoyable sci fi revenge story with endearing characters Raen has got to be my favourite human female character from Cherryh so far And Jim is adorable The happy ish ending was much appreciated.

  21. I enjoyed this older title of Cherryh s as much as her newer ones great interspecies interaction in all of her novels she is always creating interesting beings and cultures.

  22. Although it is set in the Alliance Merchanter universe, this is a completely self contained stand alone novel I really like that Cherryh took the story arc through in one book.

  23. I liked this book set in a rich and complicated universe I especially liked the way the majat are portrayed and how Raen interacts with them.

  24. Good, interesting story As usual, aliens are done well Although it ties in to the Alliance Union universe, it also works well as a stand alone novel.

  25. Cherryh is one of the greats, but IMOP this is one of her less than greats Interesting idea, but it s kind of a convoluted mess.But what do I know.

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