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Olivia By {author, Olivia Best Read || [Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler] Olivia Best Read || [Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler] - Olivia, Olivia Considered one of the most subtle and beautifully written lesbian novels of the century this classic returns to print in a Cleis Press edition Dorothy Strachey s classic Olivia captures the awak

  • Title: Olivia
  • Author: Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler
  • ISBN: 9781573442428
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback

Olivia Best Read || [Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler], Olivia, Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler, Olivia Considered one of the most subtle and beautifully written lesbian novels of the century this classic returns to print in a Cleis Press edition Dorothy Strachey s classic Olivia captures the awakening passions of an English adolescent sent away for a year to a small finishing school outside Paris The innocent but watchful Olivia develops an infatuation for her head Considered one of th


Olivia Best Read || [Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler] Olivia Best Read || [Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler] - Olivia, Olivia Considered one of the most subtle and beautifully written lesbian novels of the century this classic returns to print in a Cleis Press edition Dorothy Strachey s classic Olivia captures the awak Olivia

  • Olivia Best Read || [Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler]
    237Dorothy Bussy Olivia Dorothy Strachey Regina Marler

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  1. This is a supposed classic of lesbian fiction I had to check it out Sometimes novels or movies for that matter are named classics due to their sheer quality, originality and epic grandness, sometimes it is due to their contents being revolutionary for its day or for pioneering a new territory or genre With Olivia it might have been the latter It is a well written story of a student s ardent and incredibly chaste crush on her schoolmistress As characteristic of its time, the Victorian sensibiliti [...]

  2. I ll do a proper review of this novel after I see the 1951 movie Olivia, but FYI it s wonderful.

  3. I was desperately curious about this because boarding school and lesbians and older book makes for a pretty interesting combination And interesting it is, but so terribly odd in some ways too I don t think this sort of book would make it past a contemporary slush pile, to be honest The setup drags on for quite some time, despite the book s short length, and there are numerous red herrings I d initially expected, for example, that Olivia s love interest would be Laura, but instead.ead we have som [...]

  4. In the pantheon of lesbian classics reigns Olivia, Strachey s gripping account of her own coming of age, which is actually a roman clef about two progressive Belle poque girls schools founded by Marie Souvestre Strachey attended both Allenswood in England and, in France near the forest of Fontainebleau, Les Ruches Olivia is set at Les Ruches It was, of course, a beehive of erotic activity Top Student Eleanor Roosevelt plays a supporting role in a cast that includes Strachey s headmistress and la [...]

  5. When I bought this book I joked to my friend that books like this should come with a tragedy meter On a scale of 0 10, how likely are the lesbians to die at the end I was nervous that I d be frustrated and wouldn t enjoy the book because of that tragic trope However, I found myself drawn in by the writing style I also really appreciated the sense of adolescent mystery that the book captured The narrator, Olivia, hasn t really figured out what s going on with erotic connections I don t think she [...]

  6. A second reading, audio book version I think I ve read this book translated into Polish, about twelve thousand years ago, but my memory could totally is be deceiving me The feelings remain the same such a silly, silly story, but great prose The writing is hauntingly beautiful, stunning As for audio book narrator the majority of dialogue was narrated in thick French accent, and that s kinda plus, and also made me really connect with Gomez Addams

  7. I cannot believe this work is not well known as an early book about the lesbian experience Possibly autobiographical, it tells the story of a 16 year old girl s love for her teacher A classic story, to be sure, but Bussy imbues such a passion and immediacy to her tale that it is my personal suspicion that the pain of her loss and her love never faded, even after 40 years and a marriage It is impossible to know what is important is that this is a beautiful little book an artless, guileless story [...]

  8. This book didn t do much for me I didn t really get involved or care much about any of the characters Not sure if I missed something

  9. And first of all that face There was that to look at A long way off, at the end of a tableWhy should the mere sight of it make my heart stand still from OliviaOlivia A Novel is not necessarily something you ll ever want to experience again It s a book truly painful to read at times, no matter where you re coming from personally, but particularly so if you ever had an intense crush that pretty much broke your heart I didn t expect the writing to be so deep and raw, so pretty and easy to connect w [...]

  10. Olivia is the story of a teenage girl away at boarding school, and her intense feelings for one of the two women who run it In some good ways, this reminds me of Nevada Barr s Bittersweet and Sylvia Brownrigg s Pages For You , which are both favorites of mine, and both concern girls whose first loves are somewhat older women.First love is gorgeous and awful and all consuming and unforgettable Olivia finds all that out first hand Don t be misledere is no sex and very little physical contact in th [...]

  11. This is a strange little thing It s a lovely account of a fervent and chaste schoolgirl crush, as the narrator reminisces on her past and lets us in on the adult dramas she was witnessing the consequences of It s also a nice study of a charismatic personality who draws countless people into her orbit, and uses them pretty much as she will The writing is lovely but the tangential view on all the action feels a bit unsatisfying in the end and the teenage obsession gets a little wearying.I knew it [...]

  12. The book was first published in 1949, so the writing was a little bit different to what you read nowdays Olivia is a character that the reader can identify with She s falling in love for the first time and is overwhelmed by this sense of attraction that she feels for Mlle Julie Every person that can recall the falling in love with someone for the first time can relate to all the feelings that come along with it The fear, excitment etc I ended up wishing that the two women would be able to run aw [...]

  13. Olivia A Novel left me with a rather bitter aftertaste, with the melange of love, worship and servitude all rolled into one and served together, upon the pedestal wherein Olivia placed Mlle Julie I was as ambivalent as Olivia with regard to the perplexing Mlle Julie, and her seemingly bipolar mood swings However, I wasn t fond of Olivia either, with the extremity of her neediness, nevertheless, I could empathize with her and the depths to which her love went.

  14. A classic lesbian coming of age story, not sexually explicit but highly erotic Perfectly conveys how a first crush can become obsessive Requires a relatively high reading level of French, so some of it was lost on me.

  15. Can be read on my blog Brilsby s Whims All page references for the 1950 Hogarth Press Readers Union Edition Olivia, sixteen, and ready to have the half sleep of childhood burned from her Her bildungsroman, inspired by Strachey s own life, blooms in Mlle Julie and Mlle Cara s school But her education extends beyond academia, as she cannot help, nor tries to help, that she loves her schoolmistress, Mlle Julie A love perhaps returned Strachey wrote this novella in the 30s 40s Not really halcyon day [...]

  16. I really enjoyed this I liked Bussy s writing style and it was a quick read However, because of the subject matter, I can t bring myself to give it than 3 stars I m a teacher so I detest writers who fetishise and romanticise student teacher relationships I know that this may have been based on something that actually happened to Bussy but I still can t condone love stories when it comes to teachers taking advantage of their students The student teacher thing drives me mad But I really enjoyed t [...]

  17. A surprisingly enjoyable book I bought this book at the Queer British Art exhibition at the Tate A lesbian novel from the 1940s, it really is a fascinating and intriguing piece of literature It is also very interesting in how it represents the 19th century, its stiffness and intellectual construction, views I wouldn t agree with, but are nonetheless interesting to read The prose is also at times extremely moving, especially the scene that describes the two girls dancing together but really danci [...]

  18. Un romance sutil es un alivio ante tantas novelas de pasi n expl cita y esta se lee mayoritariamente entre l neas, con pistas, detalles, como si el estilo imitara los susurros de las relaciones prohibidas de anta o que incluso hoy a veces es necesario mantener en silencio Am el libro, pero s lo se lo recomendar a a alguien con deseos de interpretar un poquito m s de lo que se ve a simple vista.

  19. A coming of age novel about a young girls unrequited love for her teacher at a French finishing school The story is one of awakening to life, passion and disappointment A subplot is the death or possible murder of one of the school mistresses and how Frau Reisner escapes justice and inherits the school Or was it a mistake or suicide Difficult to know.

  20. Sweet story, It just wasn t anything that captured me The length maybe lead to this The premise was a great start but it was s shallow delivery.

  21. Interesting story, although being stuck in that school sounds like my idea of hell All these perfectly marvellous women and school girls, all full of their own self marvellousness and jealousy, and scheming against one another It s a story of teenage infatuation, the intensity and neuroticisms of Olivia s first crush are what this is all about, and detailed very well It s this kind of sickofantic adoration you see screaming teenagers get for boy bands these days I guess if they ve got to be obse [...]

  22. Short and sweet and not extraordinary but important, and I m happy to have read it We need stories about queer love and all its expressions, we need to write those and also to rescue from oblivion the ones already written.

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