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Duivelszaad By {author, Duivelszaad Best Download || [Dean Koontz Frank Visser] Duivelszaad Best Download || [Dean Koontz Frank Visser] - Duivelszaad, Duivelszaad Susan Harris genoot van de privacy in haar comfortabele landhuis vol automatische systemen Een veilige plek in een dreigende wereld Maar iets is door de beveiliging gebroken Prometheus een intelligen

  • Title: Duivelszaad
  • Author: Dean Koontz Frank Visser
  • ISBN: 9789024511860
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback

Duivelszaad Best Download || [Dean Koontz Frank Visser], Duivelszaad, Dean Koontz Frank Visser, Duivelszaad Susan Harris genoot van de privacy in haar comfortabele landhuis vol automatische systemen Een veilige plek in een dreigende wereld Maar iets is door de beveiliging gebroken Prometheus een intelligent computerprogramma heeft de controle over haar schuilplaats overgenomen Gevangen in har huis en tegen haar wil wordt Susan onderworpen aan experimenten De obsessie van dSusan Harris geno


Duivelszaad Best Download || [Dean Koontz Frank Visser] Duivelszaad Best Download || [Dean Koontz Frank Visser] - Duivelszaad, Duivelszaad Susan Harris genoot van de privacy in haar comfortabele landhuis vol automatische systemen Een veilige plek in een dreigende wereld Maar iets is door de beveiliging gebroken Prometheus een intelligen Duivelszaad

  • Duivelszaad Best Download || [Dean Koontz Frank Visser]
    290Dean Koontz Frank Visser

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  1. I ve always had something of a love hate relationship with Dean Koontz When he allows himself to be dark and edgy, giving his imagination free reign, he can rival just about any horror author out there When he gets self conscious and plays it safe, however, allowing the morality of the tale to tale precedence over the story well, often than not, he gets violently tossed into the did not finish DNF pile.In many ways, it s as if he is one of his own creations, a schizophrenic author with two wil [...]

  2. This book is told from the perspective of a computer system that develops an unnatural obsession with its owner At least I assume it s a computer system It was never quite clear if it was a computer, a network, a security system, a house, or all of them.So, I have a theory of how this book came into existence Miss Romance novel just went through a bad breakup with Mr Horror novel, so she got drunk and slept with Mr Science Fiction novel, then whoopsie, Miss Romance novel s pregnant Who s the fat [...]

  3. Oh dear, this has to be the worse and most badly written book I have EVER read Seriously, it makes Twilight look like the best book ever written I have no idea how this was published but it was such a waste of paper, in my honest opinion This book is told in a computer s POV, which could have been interesting but no The computer literally repeats it s self 1000 times in this book It s the same lines over and over again Also, when the computer wasn t repeating it s self, the rest was really juven [...]

  4. Me nine years ago I love this so much Me now What the actual f What I am confused what to think about you.Right, before talking about Demon Seed I am now doing a re experience of my Dean Koontz books when they were unearthed from my attic a few weeks ago I experienced Dean Koontz quite some time ago I started reading his work when I was in school A few I rank as some of my all time fav books and loved his work when I read them But I haven t read them in about 5 to 9 years and taste and styles ch [...]

  5. A creepy little tale told from the viewpoint of the computer, Proteus, itself, with no distracting voices to question its narcissism It s also, effectively, a satire on men s attitudes toward women Proteus dreams of filling the world with clones of himself I think he may have finally got his wish.

  6. This is different than other Koontz books I have read A Demon Seed is created to control Susan Harris and her Birth Seed A theme about individual control and birth I did not expect by Koontz.

  7. I can literally NOT finish this book I have never been so turned off by a book before in my life, and I even suffered through Fifty Shades Lord, I loved Odd Thomas but this is just way too much I need brain bleach.

  8. In high school, we read the short story True Love by Isaac Asimov The main character, Milton Davidson, is trying to find his ideal partner He instructs his computer named Joe , which has access to the databases of the world s entire population, to find his ideal match based on physical parameters He meets the shortlisted candidates, but realizes that looks alone are not enough and he needs to look at personalities as well He then talks to Joe, filling his databanks with information about his per [...]

  9. First published in 1973, this techno horror by Dean Koontz is ahead of its time The premise is simple and spooky a house controlled by a sophisticated AI developed by its owner becomes corrupted by a rogue virus which has an intelligence all of its own and a desire to feel human For home owner Susan Harris, a nightmare ensues as the AI steadily takes over the house, trapping her inside while also controlling a human minion a defense force experiment who has been infused with nanite tech who terr [...]

  10. This book to me was a little weird My favorite character in this book was the guy that was working for the computer He would steal body parts so that he could make a whole body for the computer to become human My least favorite character was the computer He obsessed over something he couldnt have This book I maybe would read again, but its not for sure I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Dean Koontz books and horror books The part of the book that kept me reading of course was when t [...]

  11. I almost gave this one a four star rating, not necessarily because it s a great read, but because it s entertaining while also being relatively quick If I had been forced to invest time, I might actually have gone with a two So, I guess what I m saying is s one of those Those books that you know in your heart you ll never think about again, those books that haven t changed your life, that haven t offered anything new, but that you still had fun reading The plot is laughable, but the story is to [...]

  12. I absolutly loved how this book was written It is a unique story in and of it self Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors I have read I have read 5 books by him so far and each one had a great story.This book is about an evil intelligent computer breaking into a woman s home It is actually set after the events of the book since the computer is telling the story to his creator I won t say any about the story of the book I might had given too much away.The only thing I did not like about the bo [...]

  13. I read this book in one day as I predicted I will now be looking for a copy of the original book released in 1973 as I am interested to know how much was changed in the re issue I had a hard time at the beginning of the book getting into the narrative, but that changed a few chapters in and I was once again enthralled with the plot Not one of his best works for sure, but an interesting read none the less.

  14. Dark, twisted, weird, creepy, and a little cheesy With how many negative reviews there were I was expecting something horrible It wasn t bad at all Some parts were a little uncomfortable to read and left my skin crawling but is that necessarily a bad thing and worth giving it a lower rating I don t think so It can be repetitive and as mentioned before, pretty cheesy but it s still a good read that left me really creeped out.

  15. This book pretty much sucked My son lent it to me, and he doesn t lend me his reading material lightly, so I finished it Mercifully, it wasn t a long book And it was repetitive let me out of this box let me out of this box etc etc Though I have to admit the idea of the story was a good one, intelligent computer tries to make itself a human body to inhabit the execution was not Don t read it Apparently some of his other books are better.

  16. This is a review of the original, un rewritten version of the novel WOW, what a messed up, brutal, psychologically twisted story I could hardly put it down Thanks, CinemApocryphon, for having this book on your shelf for me to find

  17. I first saw the movie I liked it I was surprised to learn that it was a screen adaptation of a book while it has its flaws, it was overall enjoyable Koontz usually has great problems with endings, but not here loved the ending Actually it s worth to read the book alone just to see it.

  18. I don t even know how I feel about this book I wasn t planning on reading t, but I was at the thrift store again and I have a tendency to buy all of the books that don t have coffee stains all over them I needed something to read at the beach I happened to pick up a dollar store thriller , because of course I did That being said, I kind of liked it Spoiler free review, mostly at least, for a change Summary Susan Harris recently divorced her abusive husband Alex, and is living in a house basicall [...]

  19. This vintage Koontz, although rewritten since it s first publishing was a very fast read, and I liked that, a story with a punch that I got through in less than a day In a nutshell it s a tale about Susan, a woman who was a survivor of abuse as a child from her father and then from her ex husband She sealed herself off in a mansion with sate of the art computer system that was supposed to protect her from everyone The whole house was monitored by Proteus, the ultra smart computer system, one so [...]

  20. I gave this book 3.5 5 This review was first published on my blog Writerly Bookish StuffI am re reading some of my Koontz books that have been sat on my shelves for about fifteen years, and I am still enjoying finding books I haven t read by this prolific author Demon Seed was given to me, and I haven t read this one before So, this review is based on a one time experience.The first few chapters freaked me out Intelligent AI takes over the security systems of a woman s, Susan s, house Adam Two, [...]

  21. As an avid Koontz fan that sounds nasty, doesn t it I enjoyed Demon Seed I haven t read all his stuff and almost passed this one up because, um, Demon Seed But I was out of books and the library was closed, the book store was closed and the grocery store was open What would you do This is a quick read and, okay, not very deep It has all of the Koontz humor and quirky dialog The main character is a computer who has all the characteristics of a sociopathic, spousal abusing monster with child like [...]

  22. This was better than I thought it would be It concerns an AI computer that wants to have a body He takes over a woman s house through her security system with the idea that, through another person s hands, he can artificially inseminate her and create a new race He brings a madman into the house to be his hands The woman, who is the x wife of the creator of the AI, is in a fight for her life This is a clever book, sly and intelligent The suspense is maintained through the last word This is the 1 [...]

  23. This was a fast and fun story that I would enjoy reading again Koontz writes in such a way that it really gets my blood pumping I had the hugest smile on my face when the wet music happened The only reason it didn t get 5 stars was because it ended so quickly the last chapter could have had so much detail He spends alot of time deeply describing some things that, in my opinion, are not important but rushes through the ending as if the climax doesn t matter at all Regardless, it was a fun read K [...]

  24. Although this is one of the most unique books I ve ever read, it really wasn t that great The entire story is written from the point of view of a robotic security system, which sounds excellent, but Koontz definitely had a hard time with it Anyone would It s incredibly hard to write from the point of view of something that doesn t have a personality or emotions The end of this novel is fantastic, however, and I would recommend it to anyone who might be tired of the same ol, same ol.

  25. It s not Dean Koontz most eventful book, but it is still amazingly his It s basically written from the perspective of a machine, an A.I that controls the mechanics of the house that our main character a woman lives in It s like entering the mind of a mechanical sociopath bent on claiming a human woman by any means necessary Incredibly fascinating, even if it s not as fast paced as his others, it s still worth every page.

  26. This might just be my favorite Koontz novel I ve read to date Not necessarily because I feel it s the best, but because it s so different from the rest of his work He stepped so far away from his formula of hero crisis on the run showdown happily ever after That being said, it s a scifi book, which is a genre that tends to only appeal to it s particular niche of readers I was completely facinated with the novel, but you might want to take that recommendation with a grain of salt.

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